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Pre-Realms Tour: The Land of Chole

(Hey Poptropicans! This is a guest post written by Sticky Clown, in which he gives a tour of his Pre-Realms Land creation, Chole. Enjoy! –🐠)


Hello everyone! I am Sticky Clown, or SC if you’d like. I go by Starving Cereal on WordPress.

Today I wish to show you something a bit old, just for fun to distract from the Poptropica World stuff going on currently. It is my old home. As in, from Poptropica Land (that was the prototype before Realms, for those who don’t know). Now, a few of you who have known me since ye old glory days may object to what I am doing, as I have previously posted this on a few other blogs. But the reason I’m doing this is – well, there’s many. They are:

  1. While Poptropica Land is about three years old, it’s still very similar to Realms and should be easy to digest. Plus, I’d say this can qualify as a period piece.
  2. This is not going to be the exact same as that post I’ve made elsewhere. I have added several extra thoughts as well as some modifications. This is going to be 2-3 times as big as the original, at least.
  3. Soon I hope to be doing a tour of my Realms, Chole (the code for that is 3vpqv, if you’re interested in checking it out for yourself </plug>). Think of this as a prelude to my adventure, a point which you can use for comparison.
  4. And finally… I’m an egocentric bigoted unsatisfiable superficial narcissist hungering for infinite fame on the interwebs, ready to repost old posts just to gain more attention, even if it is based on a game aimed towards children.

So yeah, I think I’ve justified myself sufficiently. Let’s start on this wonderful journey, shall we? 🙂

To start, here is the bridge to my house – my first ever build!


Yeah… it’s a bit crappy. I’m not very fond of this myself, and that’s discarding everything else I’ve built. Let’s concentrate on the bridge as we cross it with my Mocktropica Narf companion, Narfy.


Here, I was going for an ancient aura, especially with the tree holding up the ropes. The leaves are transparent (and while you can’t see the thorns in the above picture, believe me, they are badly placed), and the ropes are in the foreground! Yeah,I didn’t even know how the layers worked while making this bridge. Talk about noob, am I right?

“Narf!” That’s Narfy trying to console me. Nay, it is okay, Narfy. The readers must learn that even the best of builders (such as I) start with a below-average first structure. But let us move on…

And here we are, at 11429 Clifford Avenue, my wonderful old home!


I know, it’s amazing, isn’t it? It is by far the highlight of this whole tour. So let us savour this wonderful masterpiece while we still can. Though it isn’t necessarily a flawless work of art. For one, the height of the floors are inconsistent. The roof is asymmetric (see if you can spot that one blue tile hidden there), and that one hole underground still grinds my gears.

But still, it’s not that bad for a first try at building a nice house. What do you think, Narfy? “Narf narf narf!” Great to know. Thank you for the constructive criticism, good chap.


Here we are at the great spruce tree. It’s lovely, I know. That’s my bicycle parked over there. The poor Great Spruce hasn’t had any pine cones in a while, though. I’m a bit worried for it.


“Narf!” No, Narfy, pine cones do not smell like cheese curds!

Never mind him, let’s go in…


Wait a second…

“Narf!” Oh, is it, Narfy? Thanks.

Anyway,I forgot – I keep the door closed so that the beasts don’t come in. Oops. (Yes, you could not open or close doors in Land. It wasn’t great.) Thankfully, I devised two different methods for getting myself in! The first and more dangerous one is what I like to call the Electrical Entrance. Come, it’s up on the great spruce!

Five minutes of failing jumps later…

Phew, pant pant. You saw nothing. Anyway…

Yes, there is a secret entrance into the upper part of the house! I’ll explain this in detail.

“Narf!” Well, if you understand narf-speak, then Narfy told you the whole thing. But let’s begin in English, shall we?

Okay, so when you first come in here, you notice that the door is locked. But when you are about to break in, you notice a lighter tint of green among the great spruce’s leaves! You jump up, and then you notice another one. You jump up again, and then you see the secret entryway!

And here’s the thing: for you to reach it, you have to jump to the top of the tree, and you can’t normally jump there. That’s where the barbed wires come in handy! You have to jump perfectly on the barbed wires perfectly to land on the top, where you then jump into the house. (DISCLAIMER: May not succeed the first time like me. This is a very injurious method. I cannot be held responsible for any damage.)

But let’s focus on the other way in, which I call the Loose Canal. Where is it, you ask? Well, you may have noticed that the earth is a bit loose between my bicycle and the great spruce… 😉


Aha, a tunnel, Narfy!

“Narf?” Shh, act surprised for the audience! Ahem. We’ll have to mine a bit down here, but remember to put the stone back! 😂 And where does this lead, you ask?


Why, the basement, of course! Do note that this is a one-way-only trip though, so remember you can’t go back! I quite like this feature myself.

Alright, so let us explore my house! Here’s the previously mentioned basement:


To the left there’s an anvil in case Svadilfari gets damaged in any way. Very useful. There’s a lamp, but it’s a bit useless due to the lights, which are very low. There’s a lotta washing machines (hey, a fashionista like moi needs clean clothes!), a good old radio, and a football…?

And here we have the sewing machine, where all the fashionista magic happens. 😉 There’s also a load of boxes and a giant crate, along with a secret safe. No, I will not disclose the contents, thank you very much.


Well, now, let’s go up to the living room!


Yes, now the lights are much more posh. There’s a nice window, and a cozy fireplace (even though the chimney is on the opposite side of the house) with a lamp on top. Ignore that stray block in the background. And the spiderwebs. *sigh* I need to start doing some spring cleaning soon.


There’s a picture of my old friend Unihorn (I miss her… she was one extraordinary equine) and another of the Crand Ganyon. Great place, really. Though I do note that both these pictures are smaller in Realms, which is ultimately more convenient.

There’s a sofa next to a trash can next to a TV next to some snacks (I keep them away from each other so that I can get some exercise trying to get that sundae and popcorn and wine – I mean grape juice).

Well, that’s it for the living room! Up to the-


Oh yeah, about that. That door (which is unlocked (aka in the background)) goes to the garden. We’ll go there later. But for now-to the study! Or bedroom. Whatever you want to call it.

“Narf!” Sure, call it that too.


Aside from a lot of cabinets and a closet, there are a few balls, my pet cactus Pricklethorne, a wastebasket, my prized camera, and my books. And the mirror as well. It’s all beautifully squashed together.


There’s my computer, where I play Mega Fighting Bots 24/7; and a picture of Narfy’s ex, Trixie the T-Rex-y.

“Narf!” Oh come on, Narfster, there’s no need to still be sour over her. Anyway, right before the ladder, below the light, is my portal to the Land of Nod. As you can tell, this is the room in which I spend the most time in.

Well, that’s it for snooze-town. Now up to the bathroom!


Tada! The bathroom! This was the most annoying place to build because there aren’t many bathroom-related objects to build with, and is also the room with the most height. Not a great combo. There’s the bathtub, I guess (with a secret hidden door behind it!) and a shelf with some memorabilia.


Other than those, there’s only a sink, a mirror, a toilet, a potted plant and a tyre. Yeah,I really had to reach for this one.

Anyway, to the kitchen/dining room! This is the exact opposite of the bathroom. It has so much food, yet so little space! It is the smallest room in the house. And once again, not the best combo for a room.


Yeah, it’s extremely cramped in here. We have a stove, a microwave, a cooler attached to the wall, and a fridge hiding behind behind a sink. Should have thought this through a bit more, huh. There’s also some food: a burger, a cupcake, some cheese-

“NARF!” Now now, Narfy. I’ll give you some actual cheese puffs later. Just a little bit more.


As you can tell, I had to cram in a lot of food in here. Very annoying. The cabinets right above my head bothers me. Fun fact: the green-coloured pastry and the cupcake are no longer available in Realms! Weird, huh?

And now, to the final room of this house: the attic! And it’s night. Spoooooooooky. By which I mean, not spooky at all.


As you can see, there are a lot of mementos on the shelf… most of them food. Don’t judge. And if you look over there, you can see the Electrical Entrance which I previously mentioned.


As we continue farther into the not that spooky attic, we see my old bike (Ah, it reminds me of the good old days. The scent of fresh lemon, y’see.) and a window barricaded by a lot of boxes. And yet another crate is nearby.


Here I jump to give you a good view of the chimney.

“Narf narf narf narf!” Ah, Narfy, cleverly rebutting as the witty orator he is. Other than the chimney, all there is here is a cabinet and a barrel. Sorta gives you déjà vu of Cryptids Island in NJ, huh?

And that’s 11429 Clifford Avenue’s only house! But we still have about a third left. To the garden we go, my friends! Time’s a-wasting!


This place is quite deadly for a garden. It’s more like an obstacle course, really. I can even tell you how to beat it. Here’s how it goes, private:


Jump on the stump of the shortest tree on the left, then jump onto the birch tree next to it. Then jump onto my badly-designed well and-

You know what? Let’s talk about this well.


Look at that ugly design, the inconsistent water flow, the asymmetric layout- just… just everything. I think I dislike this even more than the bridge. And that’s pretty darn terrible. I could go on all day about this, but we must go on.


Anyway, from this mutation of a well, jump onto the tree on the cliff. This might seem simple, but you can’t actually see the trunk, and you might accidentally fall down there:


It’s at this point where it starts looking more like a radioactive wasteland than a garden. The acid lake, the thorn tree, the barbed wires, even the freaking TNT. Pretty freaky, eh? If you fall down below, then jump to the thorn tree (yes, it is only barely possible) just right to go back to the well.


After you make the jump, avoid the thorns on the cliff tree, then go right. On the right are the ruins.


…Um, well-

“Narf!” Why you little- yeah, I suppose it isn’t the best, but I tried! I mined down a bit for Poptanium, by the way. I’m not even sure what I was trying to do here. The monument is symmetric, but ultimately just there. And what is that to the left of it? I’m not sure of this world anymore.

The cactus all over the place towards the right? Oh… er… that’s Rabby’s grave. Who is Rabby, you ask?

Well, when I ventured to the right of the ruins, I found this wonderful creature with an elegant body. He started to follow me. I called him Rabby. There was this beast, unfortunately. He tried to attack me. I ran, but Rabby got clawed by him. So I created lava over him and he died. I had this theory, though, that creatures would respawn if you left the area and came back.

So I decided to put a lava pit to stop him from doing that. Unfortunately, Rabby fell into it. He got out just barely… but in a cruel twist of fate, he died anyway. Angry at this sudden loss, I made the lava pit even bigger, and destroyed the tree the beast spawned near, and made a patch of grass as Rabby’s grave. “I’ll miss you, Rabby,” I said.

“Narf!” Narfy misses Rabby too. My theory proved to be wrong though. I closed off the area after that. Some things are meant to be forgotten.

lik dis if u cri everytim ;(

But seriously, it’s true. It was a true tragedy that turned me into an animal murder machine. Every time I see a creature in Realms, I am reminded of the tragedy of Rabby and the Beast, which enrages me. And then I kill everything and cry for two hours.

And you know something sadder? This I have told not a single soul, save Narfy.


Yes, indeed. Twas Christmas of the same year. I had come to say farewell to Rabby one last time. I went all the way to his grave to grieve once more over how I could have saved him. I decided to bring out Narfy too. Suddenly my inventory glitched out, and my game crashed! I then figured that this was the vengeful spirit of Rabby. I realised he was angry at me because of how many animals I had killed in his name. Rabby, if you’re reading this, I am sorry. So sorry for all the innocent creatures I have killed in your beautiful name. I know that you will most likely not forgive me, but nevertheless, I am so sorry.

…Well, um… that was a bit of a mournful note to end on.

“Narf!” Shut up, Narfy, I’m not holding back my tears! Um, yeah. That was the last time I ever went to that Land ever again. The next time I tried going there was on a snowy night in Realms, where I was hiding from the Twilight Pixies. I took the file and loaded it. This was what I got:

So, um, Skinny Moon, if you’re reading this, please tell the malicious malevolent Mordred, the beastly Binary Bard, to give me back my template. Ah, what does it matter? I have since lost the files to the Land, and we shall never see it again.

Well, um, thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed, and I’ll hopefully see you soon for my Realms tour…


…Shut up, Narfy. *walks away wailing*

“Well, now that he’s gone, I can finally talk in English. Hey guys, Narfy here. Ignore SC’s bad attitude. Remember to leave any constructive criticism and your thoughts overall down below. He’d appreciate that. Maybe you’ll even be surprised by his Realms tour. Who knows, am I right? Anyway, narf you later!”


Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Sticky Clown (and Narfy)!

The PHB welcomes guest posting from anyone in our community if you have something to share, whether it be sneak peeks, My Place in Poptropica stories, or any other ideas you might have. We also encourage sharing on the PHC (Poptropica Help Chat).

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20 thoughts on “Pre-Realms Tour: The Land of Chole”

  1. Hello everybody. It is Narfy here. SC was so overjoyed from seeing this post finally being released that he fainted. The doctors say he’s alright but needs to be in bed for some time. In the mean time,I thank you all for seeing this very long post. I have informed Sticky Clown of your wonderful comments and I will be replying to them soon. Thank you.


  2. Also,to the blog administrator, minor mistake. Chole is not the name of this Land,it is the name of the Realms which SC wishes to showcase later. This Land is nameless,technically. Though the house is named 11429 Clifford Avenue. But other than that,SC wishes to thank you for the little doodle of us at the start. How did you know we weren’t artistically talented in the slightest? Sincerely,

  3. Nice post! Your house is awesome, heh. This was entertaining to read!
    I once “made friends” with a creature on Realms, too, but, ahem… I think I accidentally killed it with the hammer… gosh, I was so upset afterwards. XD

    1. A bit late, but thanks! I don’t really play Realms as much though since it keeps freezing on me :[

      Which means that the actual Realms tour is currently on an indefinite hiatus. Oh well. Good to hear you still enjoyed this, though. I had a lot of fun writing this.


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