Don’t panic; they’re bringing back the classics!


Slip here. ๐Ÿ‘‹

I can’t believe it as well! Poptropica has brought back old costumes and power cards! Let’s check out the items they’ve brought back, starting from the power cards!

First off, they’ve brought back the prizes from 2015’s Daily Pop-In: the Fart Gun and the Twin Power. You may remember these prizes from past ads like Despicable Me and Liv and Maddie. If you would track their first appearance, they are actually fromย a few years back (around 3 years ago). They’re quite perfect for Multiverse parties, and you’re quite lucky if you have these items for free because the Fart Gun costs 500 credits, while the Twin Power costs 300.

Not only the prizes from the Daily Pop-In returned but as well as the Shrink Ray gun from 2011! Well, it also made its re-appearance in 2014 in honor of Shrink Ray Island’s re-release as a sound-updated island (SUI). Still, it’s a classic! Like the items mentioned above, some of you are lucky enough to grab this for free for the Shrink Ray now costs 500 credits! It’s twice as much as its original price!


Moving on to the costumes, Poptropica has brought back the Graduate and the prom outfits for all! What an awesome way to prepare for the graduation and prom seasons to come! The Ice Cream costume also returned to mark the coming of summer in some countries!

Along with that, a myriad of comeback outfits returned for girls at the Poptropica Store. Most of them are from classic Poptropica and some returned from years of being gone from the Store itself! To name a few, they are the Southern Belle, Pop Star, Wrestling Gear, and the Creepy Countess! Check out the other costumes below! (Click the images to enlarge them.)

…and that is basically what’s in store for you next time you drop by the Poptropica Store! Make sure to stock up on credits by replaying March’s IotMs or spinning the Wheel of Fortune every day! Also, don’t forget to grab the Spring freebies and the St. Patrick’s Day giftsย while they’re around! :))

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15 thoughts on “Don’t panic; they’re bringing back the classics!”

      1. Phew your right i went out to avoid a bomb i thought you planted in my house but someone dropped an anvil on me and i died instead so my fault sorry for doubting you’re

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  1. Why in the world would they remove some store items anyway there was no point at all! Well the only good thing I can think of is the glitchers have a few more items that are rares I guess????

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