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Pop 5: Villains of Poptropica

(Hey Poptropicans! This is a guest post written by TechWizard, who’s here to share his favorite five Poptropica villains. Keep in mind that this list is purely his opinion. With that said, enjoy! –🐠)


Greetings, magnificent people of Poptropica! It’s your boi, TechWizard! What do I have today? Another Chubby Sun meme? No! A Top 5 list! A Top 5 Villains list, to be more precise! I know, right? Awesome! (By the by, this list contains spoilers, so read at your own risk.)

#5: Dr. Hare

Starting off with number 5 is Dr. Hare! I’ll admit, we all forget the originals sometimes. Dr. Hare certainly paved the way for Poptropica’s iconic villains. He’s 24 Carrot Island’s main bad guy, and this dude seriously did some bad stuff. He took some carrots from an entire island and hypnotized kids! That’s pretty darn villainous. Although, he doesn’t look so evil when he’s hula hooping on the loading page.


#4: Zeus

Continuing on, my opinion of the number 4 best villain is Zeus! Zeus deserves every aspect of attention here. He’s popped up more than he should have. And by too many, I mean two islands: Mythology Island and Super Villain Island.

In Mythology, he’s after the 5 sacred items. So you, being the innocent Poptropican, go and get them. Turns out Zeus is bad so the gods send you to go deal with him. You succeed in the end and all is right. And in Super Villain, well, let’s just say he’s the big plot twist.


#3: E. Vile

Number 3 on my list here is E. Vile! E.Vile is truly a forgotten villain., casted away into the shadows of forgotten Poptropica stuff. But let’s explain him some more. He’s the main villain of Legendary Swords, one of Pop’s mini-quests, which is no longer available (though you can still play it if you got the item card before it was taken off the store).

E. Vile sends out robots of all kinds to go attack you. So you fight back with swords! He’s also got super huge robots that you gotta defeat. When all that’s done, he taunts you via hologram and then you fly off into the intergalactic sunset.


#2: Captain Crawfish

Number 2 for this majestical list is Captain Crawfish! Captain Crawfish is your textbook pirate. He raids, craves treasure, and has a ship crew. His ship is so great that it would make any pirate run for the cargo hold. But what makes him different from the rest of the pirates is that he’s also a Poptropica Creator!

Of course, add in the Crawfish.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for! The number one villain in Poptropica is…

Narf. Yup. Narf. This furry, orange nuisance is a minor villain in– nope, I kid!

#1: Mega Fighting Bots!

The TRUE number one villain, in my opinion, are the Mega Fighting Bots developers! You never see true teamwork amongst villains. And besides, these guys rule! They worked amongst the shadows, at first acting so friendly towards you, disguised as mere developers. Perhaps you didn’t suspect a thing as you explored the unfinished realm of Mocktropica, trying to find the former Poptropica staff so they could right the wrongs of this broken island.

It’s only at the end that they’re revealed as the baddies, and they show up with their own mechs based off of their Mega Fighting Bots. And the mechs can form into a super mech! AWESOME!

Well, that’s my list. Agree or disagree? Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below! Anyway, tally ho!


Hope you enjoyed this guest post by TechWizard!

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17 thoughts on “Pop 5: Villains of Poptropica”

  1. Huh. I agree with most of these, but since I have yet to finish Mock, I don’t know how evil they are, and Crawfish didn’t scare me. He just didn’t strike me as major villain! Oh well. Love the list!

  2. Disagree with 1 and 3 I know it is your opition but I am not saying your optintion is bad just saying I disagre with number 3 and 1. 3 should of been black widow and 1 should of been binary bard

  3. I’ve always been having a tough time deciding who is the baddest villain in Poptropica. I’ve been thinking of E.vile or Omegon but they didn’t do much so at this point I’ll go with Binary Bard.

  4. So the reason you’ve put Captain Crawfish above the Binary Bard and Zeus is…because he’s a Creator???

    Sorry,my bias for those two are clouding my judgement. BUT STILL WHERE’S MY DARN BINARY BARD?!

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