New Poptropica: Delayed? Will it ever be released?


Hey everyone, it’s Perfect Sky!

So as most of us have noticed over the past few months, many theories about possible release dates for the New Poptropica have been spreading around the community. But now, with only five days left, most people agree that the game is most likely not going to be launched “later this year.”


Earlier this month, some people thought the New Poptropica could be released on Christmas (Dec 25th). But Christmas is over now, and just as I thought, the game was not released.

Another theory I’ve heard recently, is the possibility of a New Years release. But as cool as that would be, I highly doubt it would happen. Considering it didn’t happen as a Christmas miracle, we probably won’t have any more luck for New Years. Sure, it’s possible, but let’s not get our hopes up.

The Creators are probably very busy, and taking a short break due to the holidays. All we know from a recent Creators’ Blog post, is that something interesting is going to be discussed on the blog soon.


Two Creators wrote that post? Hmm, interesting…

Although we don’t know exactly what this is about, it’s obviously something important. It could be as big as trailer for the New Pop, or just an announcement about the costume design contest. Since they specified that it’s something to “talk about,” it’s possible that they could be discussing a general release time. We can take a guess about what this could be, but really, there’s no way to know for sure, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Now, there’s one major topic I’d like to cover. Recently, I’ve heard some talk about the New Pop being cancelled (or just delayed another whole year, or longer). I strongly believe this is false.

The thing is, the Creators know what they’re doing. As they stated in the first announcement, the Creators have been working on this project for a while. They wouldn’t have announced the plan of a new game to the public until they knew it was official, and enough progress had been made for the project to definitely continue. If this idea was still at the point where it could be cancelled at any moment, and no serious decision had been made, the Creators would not have announced it.

Of course, some issues could’ve come up along the way, causing the game development to take longer than expected, but that doesn’t mean it has been cancelled. Even though it hasn’t been released as soon as we expect, the Creators most likely have a general idea when it will be finished. Again, I’m sure they would not have announced the New Pop until they knew they would be able to finish it.

I personally don’t think a delay would last any longer than a month or two, but of course, we don’t know for sure.

Until we receive the news later this week, whatever that would be, it’s best to remain patient, and be understanding of any issues that could’ve caused a delay.

Well, that’s all for now. Feel free to share your thoughts about this in the comments below!

– Perfect Sky

32 thoughts on “New Poptropica: Delayed? Will it ever be released?”

  1. It’s more likely for the “New Poptropica” to be released sometime next year, chances are it could be released early or mid-2017. It’s kind of disappointing how they didn’t address us its present condition (whether it’s going to continue or what) but I guess patience would still be the key. 😉

    Anyway, great first post, PS! ^_^

    1. Emails are sent out automatically to subscribers, so it’s not up to us. You can click “unsubscribe” right within those emails if you no longer wish to receive emails about new posts on our site.

  2. Saying that it is unlikely that the New Pop will be released on New Years because it didn’t happen on Christmas is illogical. It’s like saying that because you flipped a coin and got heads then the next time you flip it you will get heads again.
    I personally believe that it will be released by or on the new year. I mean, what better way to start the new year than with a New Poptropica? Also, if the creators are not able to release it this year than they would’ve definitely told us a while ago.
    I’ve waited all year for New Pop to arrive and this is the first time I’ve written anything. Anyway’s these are just my thoughts and great post by the way.

  3. Good discussion points! We’re all wondering what’s going on with the promised New Pop release, especially as it gets closer to the end of the year. Let’s hope for the best with whatever they plan to talk about next week.

    Maybe they’ll open up beta testing? More information is certainly needed – we’ve been waiting for the better part of a year with very few sneak peeks!

  4. Well, I really don’t know what to expect from New Pop, or when it will be released, so I guess we’ll just have to wait!

  5. I can’t wait for new Poptropica!!! I just hope New Pop comes out before 2017. Poptropica is my favorite game, and I would HATE to see it go down the drain!!!!!!
    P.S. I did not want this picture

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