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Creator Q&A: Strawberry Moon Party Edition!

Hey Poptropicans! Did you get to enjoy the Strawberry Moon last night? 🍓🌔

Well, I sadly didn’t see it in my part of the world – but for those who attended the PHB’s 25M Hits & Summer* Kickoff Party (*or winter solstice, for those in the southern hemisphere), we were treated to a different, but very special, type of Moon: Poptropica Creator Skinny Moon! Which brings us to this…

strawberry moon

Yup, just a week after our impromptu Discord Q&A session with Skinny Moon, she’s back at it again to meet and greet more fans online! In this post, we’re reprinting most of the questions and answers that took place, so everyone has the chance to check it out. Note that this post is a little long and does not recap the party itself, which will have its own separate PHB post!

Skinny Moon showed up for about an hour, between around 8:40-9:50pm EST, taking questions she could answer (generally, not much could be revealed yet about New Poptropica) from those who were online. As she was on her iPhone, she could not join any of our Multiverse rooms, but it was still a fun time! Check out the Q&A below!

By the way, if you have a question for SM, you can let her know by tagging her on Twitter or other social media (if you don’t have any, message a PHB staffer on the PHC to ask them to pass it on!).

Poptropica Game Questions

“Sorry everyone, I can’t answer most of these questions. Plans for current Pop and New Pop are still top-secret! There are so many questions I’m just going to answer the ones I can and not responding to the ones I can’t answer.”

PoptropicaPerfectSky: Hey Skinny Moon, I don’t know if you can answer this but will we be able to access our old store items in the new Poptropica?
Skinny Moon: Don’t know that yet, sorry!

Jumpy Feather aka MP: What would the new poptropicans look like in the new pop?
Skinny Moon: That’s still top secret. 😉

Shaky Skunk: Will our clothing be accessible? Like my cool shirt
Skinny Moon: Can’t give out info yet on current/new Poptropica specifics.

Cool Octopus: When will Poptropicans get an eye color change?
Skinny Moon: Can’t comment.

Slanted Fish: How involved is Jeff Kinney with Poptropica?

Skinny Moon: Jeff is involved with every creative decision. If it’s important, he’s involved with it!

Silver Wolf: Is there a possibility more Poptropican names will be added?
Skinny Moon: Yes I think there will be more in the New Pop.

WITHER STORM: Will E. Vile come back?
PoptropicaPerfectSky: Personally, I’d love if Ringmaster Raven came back.
Skinny Moon: I told the team that there are lots of requests to bring villains back! They like the idea (but no guarantees)!

Hyper Gamer: Are nonmembers every going to be allowed to submit realms?
Skinny Moon: Hmmmm, I don’t know. Sorry!

SydVC: How will our current accounts be “transferred” to new Poptropica? Will they basically be the same?
Skinny Moon: Can’t comment on plans for new Pop yet.

WITHER STORM: Any new Pop Quizzes? Because I haven’t seen any in 2 years.
Skinny Moon: I will ask my team! (*later response: “Prob no new Pop Quizzes anytime soon. Working on some NEW cool social features for the New Pop!”)

Pastelia: Why did you guys decide to design the characters like that?
Skinny Moon: Good question. I will ask! (*later response: “Pop characters weren’t designed in a particular way for a particular reason – that’s the design the original Creators liked in the end!”)

Yandari~Sama: Will there be any Create Your Own Island again?
Skinny Moon: Not sure, I will ask! I have a much smaller contest coming soon, though! (*later response: “Probably not another Create Your Own Island contest anytime soon. I am launching a much smaller-scale but definitely fun contest this week!”)

Sammeh (Samwow5): How many islands approx will be coming out the rest of the year? I have found over the years that Poptropica islands have decreased every year and I’m wondering if they might increase again soon also ;p
Skinny Moon: I can’t say anything about that. I know this year hasn’t been typical but we are going to launch cool stuff on current Pop and new islands will come to the New Pop!

“About Skinny Moon” Questions

“I’m on Twitter a lot. I do get TONS of messages and am tagged a lot, so I may not respond – but I see your tweets!!!”

Hyper Gamer: What made you want to be a Creator?
Skinny Moon: I started out managing Galactic Hot Dogs blog and social media. Poptropica asked me to take on their social media too, and I was thrilled to!

shirokurokuma: What role did you play in creating Poptropica?
Skinny Moon: I didn’t create Pop – I started working with the company in January 2015.

Shaky Skunk: Are you evil? like are you the true Poptropica villain
Skinny Moon: Not one bit evil. Pretty nice, actually. 😀😀😀

shirokurokuma: SM, do you know where the name Poptropica came from? Have you watched any Perfect Sky movies? If so, which ones, and how did you like them?
Skinny Moon: I’m not 100% sure but I’m almost positive Jeff Kinney came up with the name. It’s his creation!

PoptropicaPerfectSky: Do you watch Poptropica videos?
Skinny Moon: I watch some videos. Best way for me to notice videos and blog posts is to tag me on Twitter!

Yandari~Sama: Have you watched Balloons by Perfect Sky? If so, what did you think of it?
Skinny Moon: I haven’t seen a @PoptropicaPerfectSky movie. Tag me on Twitter and link to one!

redpanda1677: Do you know Jeff Kinney?
Skinny Moon: The first time I met Jeff Kinney was when I interviewed him during the launch of the MOTM book. As you can imagine he is SUPER busy. But when I have a question he finds time to answer my email. He is a super nice guy!

idk: Are you in constant contact with the developers of Poptropica?
Skinny Moon: Yes, we talk every day. We use an app called Slack for communicating and have daily video conferences.

InnerBeast(CO): How did you get a job at Poptropica headquarters?
Skinny Moon: I knew someone who worked there who told me about the job opening, and I applied and got it!

Ruby: Who is your favorite villain in Poptropica?
Skinny Moon: Captain Crawfish, my blog buddy – naturally!!!

Hyper Gamer: Why are you the only creator who joins things like Discord chat, comment on PHB?
Skinny Moon: I’m the social media manager so this is kinda my thing. 😀

Slanted Fish: What’s a typical day in the life of the Pop social media manager? 😄
Skinny Moon: Oh wow. Every day is different. I check all out social media channels (not just Poptropica), manage email, think about what to post, attend meetings, plan fun things for the community, write blog posts, read people’s comments and questions and ask the team for answers when I don’t know the answer… Right now I’m planning a fun contest for the summer, too!

Slanted Fish: Are the meetings online or in the Poptropica HQ?
Skinny Moon: The team is all over the country – even out of country – so meetings are in HQ and virtual.

InnerBeast (CO): Do you have a private office in the Pop headquarters?
Skinny Moon: No, I am not located at HQ.

Yandari~Sama: Can you promise more visits soon?
Skinny Moon: I can’t promise anything but I don’t see why I wouldn’t visit more! 😀

DJScratchStep: Just a random question, what’s your favorite fast food chain? XD had nothing else
Skinny Moon: I have a weakness for McDonald’s fries and cheeseburgers. Lol. It’s an occasional treat. 😉

Yandari~Sama: Will you be my Senpai?
Skinny Moon: I’m honored! I wish I could! 😀

Hyper Gamer: What do you like to do when you’re not working on Poptropica?
Skinny Moon: I like to write, read, and hang out with my family and friends!

PoptropicaPerfectSky: Do you ever just hang out in common rooms or multiverse rooms?
Skinny Moon: Yes!

WITHER STORM: When did you make your Skinny Moon account?
Skinny Moon: I think this past August.

Silver Flame: What is your favorite island?
Skinny Moon: I like MOTM a lot! Choosing a fave island is like asking me which kid is my fave.

Slanted Fish: How did you decide on the name Skinny Moon? Do you like it or would you change it?
Skinny Moon: I took the first name Poptropica gave me. I liked it! Seemed very “Poptropica.”

shirokurokuma: Do you like Danganronpa?
Skinny Moon: I haven’t seen/read it, sorry!

PoptropicaPerfectSky: Do you ever add people on Poptropica if they tell you their usernames?
Skinny Moon: Sure, I’ll add people!

Ruby: Silly question, but do any of the islands tug at your heart strings?
Skinny Moon: Lots do!!!

And perhaps the best Q&A of all…

TechWizard: Do you like Pringles?
Skinny Moon: OMG OF COURSE

At about 9:50pm EST, Skinny Moon wrapped up her time on the PHC with, “Okay, I have to go. Sorry I can’t answer all questions! This was fun!!!” It was indeed! Thanks for popping by on this night of the Strawberry Moon, and thanks to everyone who participated!

Also, you may notice that a few of the questions have a “later response” tagged onto them in parentheses – at about 11am EST the following day, Skinny Moon popped back on the chat to deliver some answers to questions she wanted to get back to, which you can see above.

She also added, in response to a question Young Hippo asked her privately: “Yes, Lunar Colony and Mission Atlantis are connected – they have the same alien race.” Pretty interesting! Signing off, she messaged on the PHC, “I have to go – lots to do today – have a great day everyone!!!”

Thanks for checking out this Q&A! Hope you enjoyed all the insights Skinny Moon provided both about herself and Poptropica, and hope you’ll check out (or continue to visit) the PHC – you never know what friendly faces you might meet! If you were at the PHB party, thanks for coming – a recap will be made in a separate post on the PHB, so be on the lookout for that!

As always, stay popping, Poptropicans!

– 🌊 slantedfish 🐠 –


42 thoughts on “Creator Q&A: Strawberry Moon Party Edition!”

  1. Awesome, but…
    Skinny Moon didn’t have time to answer a single one of my questions…and didn’t even respond to my request for her to change her server name to Strawberry Moon.
    Oh well…

    1. Sorry to hear that – she was understandably quite bombarded with questions to answer, but if it’s not about New Poptropica, you could try tweeting to her (or asking the PHB to do so on your behalf).

      Regarding the name, she probably didn’t want to cause confusion and stuck with the name she’d be recognized with, Skinny Moon. For what it’s worth, I thought the Strawberry Moon was a nice coincidence given the name. 😛

  2. I was quite surprised to find out that I had no questions for her…
    I guess I too excited to see her… 😀

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