The BFG Advertisement!

Hi Gs,

Yes, this post is entirely about an ad — an ad for a movie that I personally am very excited about. I’ve read the book countless times, seen the animated movie tons — it has aΒ great story and I’m excited to see it come to life. The BFG (Big Friendly Giant) advertisement can be found on many SUI mainstreets. I found it on Shrink Ray Island.

Upon approaching the ad, you are greeted by Sophie, who tells you that the BFG is in need of help. Entering the ad, you are near a giant tree. Sophie explains that you need to catch “good dreams” to help the Big Friendly Giant out.


The minigame is pretty simple and almost identical to the honey-pot minigame from Mythology Island. In 3 minutes, you must collect 10 “dreams”, which are scattered around the tree.


The prizes are the Stomp Power and the Giant Costume — the giant costume is the BFG’s design, complete with huge ears and a dream catcher. The stomp power is… actually pretty boring. Just a copy-paste power from a previous ad.


Overall, it was a pretty boring ad. However, the subject material is far from boring, and I hope that despite the lackluster advertising, you’ll go try out this film. It’s really promising and has an awesome story.



18 thoughts on “The BFG Advertisement!”

  1. That’s what Sophie looks like?
    But… she was blonde!
    oh well.
    I am rater pumped for the movie! i REALLY loved the book, so…
    hoping it’s good.

  2. Great, now I can’t find the advertisement >.< . I keep seeing the Billboard version instead. . .

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