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PHB Sneak Peeks: Developer Rooms, Round 2

(Hey Poptropicans! This is a guest post by glitcher TechWizard, back with more sneak peeks of developer testing rooms. Be sure to check out his first guest post for more! –SlantedFish 🐠)

Hiya guys, it’s your m8 TechWizard back again with more crazy rooms that I discovered in the behind-the-scenes world of Poptropica (how? well, that’s a secret). Man, I work too hard. You must be sick of my posts now. Are you? C’mon, be honest. Well, enough rambling, let’s get sightseeing!

Our first room is… uhh.. what’s this place? Well, it’s just a void I call the Pac-Man room. Nothing fancy here, except Pac-Man and that ominous green background… *shudders*


Out next room is a collision testing room. If you like to hopelessly spam grey and orange balls, this is the place for you! You can spew out these balls to your heart’s content, and watch them interact with platforms in the space.


I also found yet another sound testing room – Poptropica sure loves sound testing, huh? The moon-like object here follows your cursor, and you can play some sound bytes by clicking the buttons.


What else is there? Well, here’s an input testing room that tests stuff like cursors and following movements. That eyeball sure loves to stare intensively into my soul…


That’s all for this post – maybe I’ll return for another post again!

Remember, reality’s an illusion, the universe is a hologram! Buy gold, Bye!



11 thoughts on “PHB Sneak Peeks: Developer Rooms, Round 2”

  1. Saw these rooms ages ago. Don’t want to sound blunt or anything, but you are not the most intelligent person I know since you literally post more leaks the day after the password is changed. You sir by Einstien’s definition are insane. Please learn from your mistakes before I have to go bring this up with poptropica and make it something way bigger than it should be. It is simple though all you need to do is use your brain and think that maybe it is not smart to post things that the creators don’t want released to the player population yet on the worlds largest poptropica blog.

    1. To be fair, we (the PHB) did choose to publish these, and have also published other Poptropica behind-the-scenes peeks before with no consequence (although our previous method of looking through files did not involve having to log in). In any case, from what we know, we’ve found all that there is [interesting enough] to be found within this method you’re referring to, so we made good use of the password while we knew of it. 🙂

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