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PHB Sneak Peeks: What are those?

Wihi folks, Cobalt here!


Please don’t hate me for bringing back an old meme. 😛

The Creators have announced on their blog that they are officially making shoes an item on Poptropica! Is this in anyway connected to my post Top Five Items We Wish Existed in Poptropica? Either way, amazing coincidence.

Captain Crawfish added that there’d be a little something to do to go with the shoes as well: “We’re not just giving away these kicks, though. You’ve got to earn them!”


Well, I was just haxxing as usual, and I ran into these babies (behind the scenes):

Screenshot at Apr 20 17-57-39

From the Creator’s blog post, I was not expecting these to have multiple colors! I do find it a bit weird it isn’t just one card with the color changing options they do have for some costumes, but this will probably make “earning them” so much better!

If by any chance this has happened because of my post, I wanted to give an open message to Poptropica: Thank you for listening to the community! 😀

Hopefully we will see these in-game soon, can’t wait! Until next post pops around,



28 thoughts on “PHB Sneak Peeks: What are those?”

      1. do we all wear blu? BTW Spencer, i did see your hair. It looks cool!! i’ve always liked different colored hair. (Mine’s green!)

  1. This post came out a little while after I did Wimpy Boardwalk. When got the flip flops there, I was like “Aww! These are adorable!” The shoes are so cute, I bet the sneakers will look really cool!

  2. Am I the only one who’s like “But Poptropicans can’t have shoes! Being barefooted is a significant feature!” But heh it could be super cute so


    “A reusable, foot-protecting clothing item.”


    “They’re shoes, dude. Shoes.”

    Yeah. Anyway, I can’t wait to run around with my reusable, foot-protecting, clothing items more commonly known as “Shoes.” 😀

    1. If this was the YouTube comments section, I would +1 your banter XD . I kind of like when a stereotypical intelligent character in television shows and other media actually answer rhetorical questions in a thorough way 😛 .

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