Home Island, PoptropiCon Island

On your marks, get set, run!

Hey guys, Slip here!


There’s a brand new event on Poptropica’s Home Island! It’s called Feats of Speed. You simply need to beat Speedy Sam in a race to get the prize! (Samwow5, I didn’t know you liked track and field! 😛)


Once you land on Home Island, go to the left and you can easily spot Speedy Sam running on the treadmill. (He’s more fit than Samwow5! Just kidding. 😉 )


Once you talk to him, he then dares you to beat him in the race to the PoptropiCon roof. The mini-game is similar to the race between you and the Cheetah Bandit in the first episode of PoptropiCon. If you need help, check out this video!

That was quick!

After you beat Speedy Sam, he will ask you to beat the world record. The default world record is 14 seconds, and the only way to receive the sneakers is to beat it! When you’re done, Speedy Sam will grant you your very own running sneakers — it’s the first time we get shoes to keep!

The sneakers work like Cheetah Bandit’s bottle cap amulet. When you move, it leaves a magic trail behind you. Cool, right?


Speedy Sam also tells us that this won’t be the last sneaker you’ll have! There will be another prize next week, so better train yourselves for the next challenge! What do you think it is?

What’s your world record? Make sure to like this post and share your world records in the comments!


-Slippery 💦


64 thoughts on “On your marks, get set, run!”

  1. Cool! Would like it better if it was something new though.

    Beat Speedy Sam: 14:70
    Beat World Record: 12:31
    Completed each part only once!

  2. Of course, I can’t even log into Pop for a few more hours cause I have a fever and I haven’t had the strength to out of bed for like 3 hours and I can’t even go walk over and grab my computer…I barely could get up to check the PHB on my iPad.

      1. *Throws more cookies for Silly Pelican, but then the cookie monster comes and eats them all*
        WHY COOKIE MONSTER WHY?!?!?!?!

    I’m gonna go beat Speedy Sam maybe tomorrow… because tomorrow I have two quizzes in school and today I have to study :c

  4. I know it may seem impossible, but my high score is .63 seconds. Ha ha! It surprised me that it’s actually possible.

    1. And then the next week will be another color. And then they’ll just give up on the event part way for a great while like with the Monkey Madness event ^^’ .

  5. These shoes look pretty cool but why don’t they work on non SUI’s? Anyway something weird just happened, when I logged back in my item card was gone! I couldn’t race again to get them back either. So I logged back in again to do a comparison with the cap amulet, to find my shoes were gone from my feet! I logged back in AGAIN and saw that speedy Sam was gone too!!! Poptropica, whats going on?!? 😦

    1. This is weird, they came back again. Why did that happen?
      P.S: neither the running shoes (should be called lightning shoes) or cap amulet make you go any faster, but they still look cool.

      1. I sort of wish they would make shoes that are just normal and work on non SUIs too and don’t make you do something special.

  6. Hey all – We have squashed a bug that temporarily disabled the Feats of Speed mini-game. For those who have beaten the race, please return to the Home Island so that you can keep your sneakers forever. We apologize for the inconvenience. But hey, the race is fun, right? Thanks to everyone for participating!

  7. Woah 46 comments already? Nice!
    The problem is that you can’t wear it on non SUIs or any other SUIs besides home island! 😦
    I personally adore these shoes and would be willing to wear them anywhere, even without it’s power UvU

  8. When will they be on non SUIs, because I saw a blank item card in my inventory.
    P.S: the Twisted Thicket amulet (the goblin) is the only thing that makes you go faster

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