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Earth Day Special: Where does Poptropica take place?

Wihi folks!

This is something I wanted to bring up for a very long time, and now that I have a much larger audience to listen, I guess it’s time to share!


In Nabooti Island, we got to see Poptropica’s planet for the very first time, implying perhaps that the planet we saw was Poptropica itself. I personally believe the planet we see is Earth, and Poptropica is just a chain of islands, like a super large Hawaii. Why? Well, let’s look here:

Also, let’s care to mention that Time Tangled Island is literally filled with famous monuments, continents, and places on Earth, and Ghost Story island takes place in New England, and that our solar system’s planets look nothing like Poptropica’s.

So, now it’s time to wonder. Is Poptropica this, or this?

Is it just a country, continent, archipelago, or who knows? So why are all the villains after “Poptropica”, and just not “Earth” specifically? That’s really the only disadvantage we have to the theory I’m about to share…

Here’s what I think: Poptropica may just be PART of an alternate version of Earth. Like Steven Universe, for those familiar with the show. So perhaps Poptropica is like Earth, with places such as Africa and Ancient Greece, except it also has its own uniquely “Poptropica” islands that are somehow connected to these times and places. It’s also worth noting the different variation of planets in Poptropica’s solar system we see on Astro-Knights and Legendary Swords (Ice Planet, Fire Planet, etc) – which are different to Earth’s solar system.

I think when Time Tangled Island and Nabooti were made, the Creators didn’t have the thought in mind for Poptropica being a world of its own. Now, perhaps Poptropica is in no way connected with Earth, and just has its own similarities and differences. Who knows? Only Poptropica, (and time) will tell!

Considering this is an Earth Day special, make sure to respect the environment, recycle, yada yada yada, don’t liter. 😛

Hope you Poptropicanos enjoyed reading my thoughts! How do you see Poptropica in relation to the Earth we know? Until next post comes around,




21 thoughts on “Earth Day Special: Where does Poptropica take place?”

  1. Well, in Astro-Knights they literally call it “Planet POPTROPICA.” So I think that Poptropica is an alternate dimension of Earth. This is also proved in the graphic novel.

    1. Conspiracy theories / Popspiracies are centered around Pops dev and what the creators hide, etc… This was just a speculation considering what they’ve presented us in-game.

  2. I believe Poptropica is a planet in itself that shares some of Earth’s features. Poptropica itself seems to be a world consisting of mostly water, way more than Earth’s, with dots of islands with varying shapes and sizes scattered around the globe 😛 . If I would go further, it could be the Earth equivalent in another dimension – the Earth counterpart, or counterplanet if you will 😉 . The events of Time Tangled Island could simply be Poptropica’s equivalent of Earth’s historical events – either that or the Creators were just trying out an educational island since this is a children’s game, not thinking of Poptropica as another planet as the post said 🙂 . Although the sponsored islands may not have much grounds in Poptropica, they could just be pockets of other series happening to be islands in Poptropica; Nabooti Island may just be Africa as a continent on Poptropica itself, with both Earth and Poptropica sharing the same continent.

    Another great post, by the way 😀 .

    1. I agree @Yujo_Jacy_the_jumpy_Coyote! Also, on Astro Knights, the planet your Poptropican leaves is called Planet Poptropica (you can find this by clicking your dashboard in your spaceship, then selecting the largest planet). It is described as always growing as more islands are being discovered! I personally think its cool that the creators put together the relationship of new islands being released to Poptropica itself, the size and what it would be like for Poptropicans… I guess Jeff Kinney would be their Christopher Columbus?;)

  3. i agreed with that. ‘Cause Pop can’t be earth entirely, so it has to be an alternate version of earth! i also believe that it’s in another dimmention then this one we live in IRL. So, basically, if someone figures out a way to get me there, i will be so happy.

    1. Hold on, gateways to other dimensions will be invented in 207̃012 years XD . If we could go to other dimensions, that would be amazing! The problem with overpopulation would be solved in an instant, along with unlocking the doors to the exploration of other universes! Too bad that may not ever happen, and even if it does it probably won’t be possible for many, many, many years 😥 . I guess we’ll have to stick with Poptropica as just a computer game 😉 .

  4. I think that vikings (from realms) created a map of the future, called Poptropica. This was on earth, and not on Poptropica yet (mystery of the map). One day, this map was lost in time. But one of us found the map. We accidentally were teleported to Home island, and soon got our blimp. Our goal was to get every medallion. Someday, I believe, Poptropica will get destroyed. I’ll write a book about that.

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