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The Monkey, the Map and the Dragon!


Hey, guys. Slip here, and I’m back!

We have some real-life updates today, starting with Monkey Wrench! Good news for Android users, because it’s finally released on Android devices (and recently iOS)! If you need a guide on the island, check it out here!


We also have great news! The ย Mystery of the Map graphic novel was added to the list of New York Times’ bestsellers! It was recently ranked ย 4th on the list, but when I checked it again, it is now placed 5th. Congratulations to Kory and Jack Chabert! Buy the graphic novel here or read BT’s analysis here!

Some players are experiencing some difficulties in the newly-reopened Red Dragon Island. Is Red Dragon a prank all along? Well, the answer is no. Well, you could try clearing your cache or try playing on a different browser. If it doesn’t work, try to email Poptropica about it.

…and that concludes today’s updates! What do you think? Leave a comment!


-Slippery ๐Ÿ’ฆ

21 thoughts on “The Monkey, the Map and the Dragon!”

  1. Ahaha I thought there was a new monkey follower when I saw the post title xD Happy for the app users, as well as Kory and Jack! I’m so happy for them :DD

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