Brand new App-dates & Advertisements!

Hello Poptropicans! Slip here.popapplogo

Yesterday, the Poptropica app received an unexpected update. Read on below for more details!

The first thing you’ll notice is the new app icon featuring Dr. Hare holding a balloon. It’s not a big deal but it’s awesome to point out. 🙂

More on the update, Timmy Failure Island is now added to the Map. It’s not yet open to all players but it bears an important message. You can now enter the code BURRITO to unlock the Señor Burrito Follower!

More on the update, Poptropica has added three new mobile exclusive costume packs to the Store! They’re not for free but are available for $0.99. The Dangerous Agents Pack contains the Secret Agent, Hazmat Suit and Reporter costumes; the Athletes pack contains the Wrestler, Gymnast and Track Star costumes; and the World and Space Explorers pack contains the Space Suit, Safari Suit and Miner costumes. That’s all of the updates on the app! 🙂


Speaking of the Poptropica app, PHB reader Anonymous told me that there was a new ad on the app. It’s the CapriSun PushPlay ad! The app doesn’t appear for me, though. (It is probably due to it being exclusive to players in US or maybe within an age group.) Credits to Anonymous for providing the pictures! 🙂


Speaking of advertisements, there are new Captain Underpants prizes waiting for you when you log-in to Poptropica! The smelly and superb prizes are the Stink Power and the Super Hero cape! The Stink Power shows the Captain Underpants logo and then your player farts after saying “Say hello to my stinky friends!” while the Super Hero cape flies you up and across your screen with the logo!

capt underpants ad

There’s also a Disney Infinity 3.0 advertisement featuring the teaser for the 3.0 update. You just need to watch the trailer and you’ll receive the Disney Infinity Gear with matching shades!


That’s all for this post! Make sure to grab your Timmy Failure poster before it’s gone forever! 😛


Slippery :3

29 thoughts on “Brand new App-dates & Advertisements!

  1. Strange Bug says:

    Hi! I have a new mobile phone and I want to download the poptropica app.
    Is it free? And do I need iTunes to download it? Because some websites say that I need it and some do not. And if I do need ITunes is it free? 🙂

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