World Record Maintenance and Car Crashes

Heyyo Poptropicans! It’s Ultimate iPad Expert here to bring you the latest Poptropican news. Lotsa unrelated stuff has been happening recently, but I’m here to bring it to you in one post anyways. *thumbs up* *ding*

To start off, this past week’s Timmy Failure prize was the release of the island’s common room, called Maury’s Museum of World Records, which contains multiple wacky world records. And Timmy Failure creator, Stephan Pastis, is showing off some of his comedy in the room, in the seemingly missing “Most Delicious Donut”.

Don’t forget you can also redeem the code BURRITO for a Señor Burrito Follower!

Speaking of Timmy Failure wackiness, the Creators recently posted a little sneak peek of the upcoming island, featuring a car crashed into a house:


In other news, Poptropica was recently temporarily down for maintenance starting Thursday afternoon, the Creators seemed to have everything up and running the following day (Friday morning). 😀 Hopefully whatever the problem was is all good now, or perhaps they were just working on adding some new stuff behind the scenes.


Lastly, this may not be new news to everyone, but the Creators have finally acknowledged Home Island (or Hub Island or Tutorial, whatever you call it) on their blog, for the first time since releasing it two weeks ago. Black Widow talked a little about the New You shop on the island, and some of the cool features available in the New You shop.

For more info and a walkthrough on this island, check out the PHB’s Hub Island Guide!


Well, that’s all from me. Be on the lookout in the next few weeks for a new series of posts we’ll be releasing. 😉 What do you think of the new Timmy Failure common room? Comment below.

• Ultimate iPad Expert •


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