Timmy Failure: Poster Child

Heyyo Poptropicans, it’s Ultimate iPad Expert here with this week’s Timmy Failure prize. Similar to the prize from two weeks ago, today’s prize is a Timmy Failure Island Poster. Simply talk to Timmy on the far left to pick up the prize, which gives you a picture to color in!

Looking forward to the island coming up with all these prizes, as well as the next island announcement whenever that comes. Also, it’s September, which means Poptropica might have a birthday celebration coming up soon!

In other news, you can also find a new Monster High ad on Main Streets such as Timmy Failure Island. Watch the video to receive the Gooliope Power.


Tune back in next week for the next Timmy Failure prize! What do you think of the new Timmy Failure poster? Comment below.

• Ultimate iPad Expert •


37 thoughts on “Timmy Failure: Poster Child

  1. I'm so awesome says:

    I don’t need a poster! I need something BETTER. But the thing I want I can’t get, because it has nothing to do with Poptropica; see the new Gravity Falls before anybody else does. *sigh* 😥

  2. ♋GINGER♋ says:

    Timmy failure, Cant wait for the whole Island to Release. I thought the poster was a cute idea, very creative. And its september, huh? time for the celebration of 8 wonderful years into the creative and worthy game called poptropica. Happy early birthday poptropica :^))

    • hi says:

      i keep on forgetting poptropica’s birthday! oops. i only remember american holidays and march 14… ah, got distracted. sorrry. the hooded one… happy early birthday poptropica!!!

  3. Happy Panda says:

    I have a cheat for the Goolipe Power! Put on the hair, then enter a common room or a regular island. Then click “space”. After that, quickly click the customize button and click on a Potropican. Then click cancel. Then you be at a large size until you leave the scene.

  4. Muddy Kid says:

    I accidentally put on the Goolipe hair, and I can’t get it off. I tried clicking on the “use” button on the card and clicking on someone and clicking on the hair, but it still won’t get removed. How do I remove the hair?

  5. Magic Snowball says:

    Oh wow, It’s been a while since I posted a comment on The PHB..
    Anyways, did anyone get freaked out when they first saw the Monster High girl? I caught a glimpse of her looking left. It freaked me out and then magically it was normal…

  6. FairyTale says:

    Fishy, just today I downloaded the pop-app (yeah, poptropica app XD ) , but when I was wandering around the island, I wasn’t able to enter the common room?! 😦

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