The Missing Link: A Realization

Hi Gs,

I’m going to explain this theory in a similar order to how it unraveled in my mind – it all started with 24 Carrot Island. Updating the wiki has allowed me to go through the islands with a keener eye, creating pages for every character named or unnamed in each island quest. One thing I noticed was something inside the carrot farmer’s house.

There are two pictures, one hanging on the wall and one fallen off. The first is a picture of a carrot, but the second is a picture of a man. I zoomed in on this and found that the man has very similar features to the farmer – however, it seems fairly narcissistic to put up a picture of solely yourself in your own home. So we can assume that this character shown in the picture is someone else. But who? I say pilgrims from Early Poptropica Island. But how would the farmer be a descendant if the pilgrims are still pixelated and living in their lifestyle in the same time frame?


If we accept that 24 Carrot Island is based in present time, then the pictures not being in color would mean that they are pretty old. This leads me to my second point.

We never actually got confirmation that 24 Carrot Island was in present time, I just presumed considering it’s relatively similar features – but if you really take into account all the attributes of the island, it would make sense that 24 Carrot was based in 1960. The style of the diner is unique to that time frame, and the theater is playing movies such as Night of the Living Carrots. This is a reference to the movie Night of the Living Dead, which came out in 1970.


The advertisement on the side of the Factory is reminiscent of ads from that time period. And there was a financial crisis followed by a boom in America around this period as well (if you don’t remember, there was a financial crisis on 24 Carrot Island). So, what does this mean – other than further supporting my time machine theory? Well, we have a sure time frame for when 24 Carrot Island takes place, which means that the pilgrims of Early Poptropica Island are out of place. Especially if we accept the theory about the farmer being a descendant of the pilgrims.

So, let’s rethink the Time Tangled incident. On Shark Tooth Island, Professor Pendulum is already on vacation before you solve the time issue. This means that time could have been mixed up on Shark Tooth/Early Poptropica. In fact, it’s proven with the Greek warrior on the top of the Tourist Center.


But how much is mixed up? Well, we can tick off the pilgrims, and even the medicine man (check out this theory to understand what I mean). However, how far can this go? What’s the major conflict on Shark Tooth Island? The Great Booga Shark. Now, how would that modern civilization be built with the shark roaming the waters? It simply couldn’t. So let’s take a closer look at one of the temple rooms:


This room has a few things to comment on. The skeleton of a “great beast”  lies in a small hallway, that connects to a spiked pit. It almost looks like a sacrificial Booga shark room, what with the golden Booga shark statue that’s not seen elsewhere.

If we take a look at the skeleton, there aren’t any distinguishable limbs, and it actually looks a lot like the Great Booga Shark... In fact, it’s almost identical. As for the shark swimming, the waters were probably much higher at one point, considering the statue’s base is way above the water line.


But HP, you say: Booga sharks might just be a species of sharks that live near Shark Tooth. Well, that could be the case, but on the drawings on the wall in the trophy room, a shark (the one with the neckband) is prevalent. Also, the fruit bat man‘s wording (the “great beast”) is seemingly provocative of the Great Booga Shark. All in all, I find this theory to be way more fun. 😛

I’ll be revisiting the pilgrims and more Early Poptropica weirdness later. 🙂




13 thoughts on “The Missing Link: A Realization

  1. Popular Wolf says:

    I like this theory… Anyone else notice how the gladiator says “I should be on Time Twisted Island” instead of “Time Tangled”? The creators are hinting at something, since this came out after Shark Tooth.

    • HPuterpop says:

      I think it just was a last minute name change by the creators. 😉
      But perhaps… perhaps that was the name of the island before the mishap. Idk, give me some evidence and I’ll theory that so much. 😛

      • Popular Wolf says:

        Okay, all the islands’ time frames start to change AFTER Time Tangled, right? Maybe, since our avatars traveled in time so much, we may have ripped the fabric of the Poptropican universe. This may have caused the time “issues” we start to see in the islands after Time Tangled. But not all. Although 24 Carrot is messed up, Super Power is set in present time. So is Spy and Nabooti. But Astroknights is set a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. Then Counterfeit and Reality are normal. Mythology is not. You see where this is going? One of the islands with the messed up time frame is Monster Carnival. Notice the outfits and decor. It matches the era of… 24 Carrot!!! *dun dun duuun!!* But here’s more to think about: if Monster Carnival and 24 Carrot were set in the same time, why weren’t they published at the same time, like they were to supposed to? Instead, Monster Carnival came out 7 years later. I don’t think the Creators got busy with other things, as they claimed. Who starts programming and designing, then drops the whole project? Suspicious!! There has to be a connection. The Creators must be working on an Poptropica changing story line for an island that will solve the mystery of all these time rifts. Yes, I know it’s crazy, I know I slightly abused the word time, but I’m being serious. All the islands have to be connected somehow, like your theory states. SO, as nuts as it may sound, the Creators must be making a major connecting island, that will answer the semi-question that Tracy West said in “Poptropica: The Official Guide”: “Exactly what Poptropica is and what it will become is not yet understood.” That’s all the conspiracy theories I have based on this one. Hope you enjoyed!! 🙂 🙂

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