Daily Pop Sneak Peeks, Escape from Pelican Rock Island

Secret sketch, prison peeks, & PHB on deviantArt!

Hey Poptropicans! The Creators recently posted a “super early” sketchpad sneak peek on their blog, featuring a bunch of Poptropicans seemingly eating something in a winter setting, with a sled and Oliver from the Poptropica comics near the center. Take a look:


This seems to be for the second book in the Poptropica graphic novel series, for which the working title is The Secret Society – check out the Q&A we had with Poptropica for more details! (The first book, of course, is Mystery of the Map, which also has its own island.)

Over on the Daily Pop, we’ve been seeing sneak peeks for what appears to be the prison-centric “Pelican Rock” island we’ve mentioned before. From the pics, it looks like it’s set in a seaside city with sushi and ferries, while inside the jail, we’ll be crawling through the cooks’ vents, dodging guard towers, creeping on birds’ nests, and more.

Also, if you like making Poptropica fan art or writing fan fiction (or simply browsing either one), or if you enjoyed the PHB’s recent HPuterpop Fan Art contest, check out We-Love-Poptropica on deviantArt! You’ll get to see Poptropica art like this drawing I recently made of the PHB team…

PHBteam 2015

We-Love-Poptropica is a big (but not too big) community of Poptropicans posting Poptropica-related creations, and it’s a good way to get your Poptropica fan work out there (we also handpick some POPCORN magazine entries through the gallery!). As a plus, I was recently made an admin there. 🙂

pop dA logo

Several of the PHB staff are members of the group, including: Brave Tomato (1313cookie), Spotted Dragon (SydVC), HPuterpop (TheKeystone), Ultimate iPad Expert, and myself (Slanted Fish).

Anyway, be sure to catch up on the posts below! Stay popping, Poptropicans. 😉

– 🐟 SFish 🐠  –

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