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Shaun the Sheep ad, Pelican Rock, & Jeff Heim’s Poppie

Hey Poptropicans! SFish here with the latest Poptropica happenings.

There’s currently an advertisement building for the Shaun the Sheep movie (in theaters August 5) on Main Streets. Inside, you can customize two fluffy sheep costumes, interact with other players like in common rooms, and grab two prizes: the Woolly Blow, a gun that adds a poof of sheep hair to the heads of characters you point at, and the Sheep Belch, which makes you belch comically.

(Thanks to Slippery Raptor for the ad pics!)

The Shaun the Sheep ad is on the Poptropica mobile app as well, but the prizes are a Timmy Follower (Timmy being a sheep character) and a sheep piggyback item. (Thanks to Anonymous for the tip!)

Meanwhile, the Creators haven’t posted many Daily Pop sneak peeks this month (slackers 😛 just kidding), but a more recent one gives us a peek at the name of the prison facility in the unnamed prison island: Pelican Rock – possibly modeled after the Pelican Bay State Prison in California.

Well, we’ve seen seaside jails on Ghost Story and Super Villain Island, and they haven’t worked out too well… wonder how this one will hold up. 😉

Finally, a bit of post-Poppies news: check out the Poppie trophy Spotted Dragon sent to Jeff Heim, which he constructed (with a few scissor mishaps) and posted on social media! 😀

(Plus, you can get your own Poppies Participant paper craft like this one on our event recap post!)


Congratulations to the Monster Carnival Island Main Theme for winning Best Soundtrack among the PHB readership. If you haven’t already, check out the list of all Poppies winners here, plus click here for a recap of the event with pictures – and Captain Crawfish’s reaction! 🙂

– 🐟 SFish 🐠 –

20 thoughts on “Shaun the Sheep ad, Pelican Rock, & Jeff Heim’s Poppie”

  1. The Shaun the Sheep ad is on mobile too, except the prizes are the Timmy follower and some sheep piggyback thing.

      1. No problem! I ONLY play on the mobile app, so you may hear more from me in the distant future! Thanks for crediting me by the way!

  2. I think the next island is “Prison Island”!

    Your Poptropican gets framed for killing one of the only Dodo Birds left on Poptropica, which was a horrible crime. So you have to try to escape jail!

    P.S. Myron van Buren killed the Dodo Bird! :mrgreen:

    1. Then why don’t you go to Off-Topica to talk about it? You need to stay on topic of the posts, because that’s the rule of commenting on this blog. Also, this post was created a long time ago.

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