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Recap: the Poppies Awards Show & PHC Parties!


Hey Poptropicans! Didn’t we look snazzy on that header? Well, the first ever Poptropica awards show, the Poppies, is now over, but we hope you had a blast at the red carpet! Thank you to everyone who made nominations and voted – you guys made an impact in the results for the event, and for that, you can enjoy this Poppies Participant paper-craft trophy created by Spotted Dragon! Here’s the link.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Blake’s PHB post for the announcing of the winners, which includes HPuterpop’s livestream with several others on the PHB staff. During the party, we also had several Multiverse rooms filled with impeccably dressed Poptropicans, and the PHC (our chat) was pretty lively in anticipation of the winner announcements. Check out the recap montage! 😀

poppies 2015 recap

To give everyone a better chance at being able to make it to the celebrations, we hosted an after-party as well, about half a day after the first one. In addition to the Poppies, we also celebrated the PHB’s 7th anniversary. Happy birthday to the Poptropica Help Blog! The Multiverse rooms were filled with balloons, soda pop, and lots of lag. But at least we were having fun! :mrgreen:

Poppies 2015 afterparty

Also, thank you to everyone who voted for me as Best Author; I’m deeply honored. :’) Spotted Dragon even sent me a foldable Poppie for my award, and it looks pretty Oscar-esque! ❤

poppies trophy

If you can prove your Poptropican name is Golden Dragon, the winner of the Best Poptropican Name category, SD will personally send you your own Poppie. 😉

If you enjoyed chatting on the PHC (Poptropica Help Chat; our official PHB chat hangout), remember that you can always come back to it any time (not just during official parties!) to hang out with other Poptropicans and have fun (within the boundaries of the chat rules listed on the page, of course). The link is, or you can access it by going to the “Chat” page from the navigation bar up top.

And no awards show would be complete without a few shout-outs: here’s to Jeff Heim, possibly the first Poptropica Creator to ever comment on the PHB – and it was in the spirit of the Poppies!

jeff heim comment

A shout-out also to Captain Crawfish, or shall I say The Award-Winning Captain Crawfish? Not only did he win the Best Creator category, he made a subtle reference to it in today’s Creators’ Blog post about the Daily Pop-In! We may like to nom crawfish here, but we love you too, Captain.

the award winning cc

It’s been a great event, and we here at the PHB hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Thanks especially to Slippery Raptor for the initial idea, for turning the annual PHB birthday celebrations into something more. Again, check out Blake’s post and HP’s livestream for a list of all the winners.

⭐ Thanks for popping in, and have a stellar day! ⭐

16 thoughts on “Recap: the Poppies Awards Show & PHC Parties!”

    1. Can’t believe I’m next to Fishy, considering the short amount of time I was in Multiverse.

  1. I saw myself 3 times,I was the one with the smiley potion and hummingbird follower,I had phantom power so if you look closely,you might see me.

  2. That night,I wasn’t just taken for granite. It rocked,even though I had to kill a guy-uh,nevermined. The whole party was igneous,though I cut my finger by accident (it still hurts). I was boulder than I thought,too,as I stoned everyone with my rock puns,gave killer hugs and heavily advertised Bookworm Adventures ™ .

    This party went on for so long I can’t even begin to break it down.It was a-stone-ishing seeing so many people there;I even got to meet GA!

    So,that’s my view about the party! Cya! Or should I say…

    SCya! Or should I say…

    Stone-cya ;}

  3. Couldn’t make it to the first party due to different time zones. Here it was 5:00 am or 5:30 am. But fortunately I was able to make it to the after-party (thanks fishy for the two parties. :D) I’m the one dressed as a genie (my second account! ) lol and also the one who kept on putting the soda pops in the multiverse rooms. 😛

    Had a lot of fun! 🙂 Congratulations Fishy for winning the award! 🙂 And also Captain crawfish! XD

  4. I couldn’t make it to the actual party since I was an hour late, but I could make it to the after party ^-^ I see myself in the picture, i’m wearing a yellow shirt with a yellow tie, a white jacket and white skirt since I was bored wearing formal! 😛 The party rocked! 😉


  5. Okay. I LOVE the idea of an after-party for everyone who can not attend the main party. Keep up that GREAT idea!!! 🙂

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