Daily Pop-In

Daily Pop-In: Promo Codes & Prizes

The Daily Pop-In giveaway is now over.
Check out our PHB Review of the Daily Pop-In by clicking here!

Heyyo Poptropicans, it’s UiPE here to bring you the new Daily Pop-Ins! That’s the event where, every weekday starting July 27th and going until August 7th, you can log into Poptropica and enter a promo code that will only work on that day to receive a prize. More details in this post.

[Fri, Aug 7] Today is the final day of the Daily Pop-Ins on Poptropica! The Creators have decided to end the giveaways off with the code BIG100 which earns you a prize of 100 credits.


[Thu, Aug 6] Today’s magical code is MORECREDITS, so I think you can guess today’s prize is credits. 😉 20 credits to be exact. I’m not disappointed, however, because I’m sure this means we’ll get a special item and/or costume tomorrow for the final Daily Pop-In prize! Be sure to tune in tomorrow at noon EST for the final code!

[Wed, Aug 5] Enter the code POPSTORERULES for another 75 credits. Yup… that’s the third time we’ve gotten a code for 75 credits. Make use of it by getting something cool from the Store!

[Tue, Aug 4] Today’s promo code is TWINPOWER, and for entering that in, you’ll get a Twin Power! If it sounds familiar to you, that’s because it was a prize item from a Liv and Maddie ad two years ago (see this PHB post). Still, a recycled ad item that’s now permanent is a nice change of pace (as the clone of your character following you around would agree!).


[Mon, Aug 3] Start off the week with the code DAILYDOSE for a free 75 credits! It’s enough to get you a costume of your own choosing at the Store. Still, not so useful for members.

[Fri, Jul 31] Today’s Daily Pop-In code welcomes a new prize! Enter in the the code WHOOPS to get an extra special Fart Gun. Thanks to Pixel for the glorious gif below. 😛


The code will last all weekend. Enter the code before it disappears on Monday at 12 pm EST. And of course, tune in on Monday, and every day next week, for new codes!

[Thu, Jul 30] Today welcomes the code LOVEPOP30 to give you a 75 credits! Put in your code by tomorrow at noon EST tomorrow, when it disappears. And, of course, tune in each day to this post for all of the other codes.

[Wed, Jul 29] The brand new code for today is HIGH5 and earns you an extra special 5 credits. Thnx Creators. XD Put the code in while you have the chance and be sure to tune in to this post for more codes! We know it feels like a joke – but Poptropica promises it’ll get better, and that “tomorrow’s prize definitely be worth more than 30 credits” (see tweet).

[Tue, Jul 28] Today’s code is GIMME50 and earns you 50 credits. Be sure to enter the code today before it disappears! And remember to tune in here each day for Daily Pop-In codes!

[Mon, Jul 27] The first Daily Pop-In is released, at 12pm EST! The first code is SURPRIZEME and earns you 200 credits, so be sure to enter the promo code in on Poptropica today before it’s gone.

And of course, tune in each weekday to this post to learn about the next Daily Pop-In! I’ll be updating this post every day to keep you posted on the current code and prizes, with the newest at the top.

What do you think of these daily prizes? Comment below.

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152 thoughts on “Daily Pop-In: Promo Codes & Prizes”

  1. These daily-prizes are a great idea, I just got 200 credits, woot woot! 😀 Too bad it’s limited, otherwise it would’ve made me rich hehe 😉 😛

  2. Hey guys and girls. I just saw a Shaun the Sheep movie advertisement on SOS Island; it’s a common room. When you go up, you see two prizes; the Woolly Blow and the Sheep Blech. The Woolky Blow has you to hold a handheld hair dryer and when you press SPACEBAR it gives a character the Woolly Blow Hair. The Sheep Blech allows you to blech when you press SPACEBAR. Also, go left and you will see some sheep costumes to costomize.

      1. Lol. XD Didn’t notice it. 🙂

        Well, I thought the promo code will give an awesome outfit or an awesome item. But,oh well, it gave 50 credits! Kinda okay with it . XD (*Whispers* :- Expected 500 credits! )

  3. Wow! 5 credits! I am rich! I can buy everything in the store!

    This one is lame. I am not even doing this one.

  4. Heh, measly 5 credits? So what’s next in store? (Literally 😛 )
    Maybe the creators wanted to troll around…wow, I was so hyped up for this one! 😡
    Thanks a BUNCH creators!

  5. OMG!!5 credits,I am so happy,I can just imagine the things I get to buy!!!!Best code ever!

  6. This Really Is The Best Code To Members We Really Don’t need credits But it’s really Terrible for the Non-Members group.

  7. I hope one of the promo codes gives us a least one island that is members only. Or early access to Timmy Failure.

  8. Well , the code HIGH ‘5’ makes a lot of sense :p The Wordplay used was pretty neat!

  9. My suggestion is that instead of giving out credits, they must give us stuff which is no longer available, like that Pop/Rock star outfit or something,make access to an expired promo code, or give us the ability to buy an item in poptropica for free or early-island access! Looks like we have to wait and WATCH 😉

      1. I don’t think Poptropica still continues giving out Early Access Cards, but you never know! 😉

  10. The five credits is actually kind of cool because you will always have the special 1 day five credit code credits and you can never have 0 credits ever again 😉

  11. I bet you today’s will be 1 credit. The code would be like “IWON1” or “NUMBER1”

    1. Wait a second! I read the promise tweets!

      They said it would be over 30 credits, so just watch it be 31 credits.

  12. Uh…credits again…? (At least 75 this time!) I’m sure they have some big surprise waiting for us at the end…?!

      1. Almost seems like the prizes are going from better to worse and again worse to better. Like at first it was 200 credits then it decreased to 50 credits and then even worse it decreased to 5 credits now again it increased 75 credits then it will increase more, and more better items will come in the later daily pops until in the end we a get some good surprise! 🙂 (Yeah, I hope that’s how it goes. XD 🙂 )

  13. Are any of the prizes going to actually be useful to members?… I haven’t really had any use for the prizes so far.

  14. 75 credits? Um, cool? Hoping for more, but let’s not be too greedy here! Maybe the on last day of the treat, we might be rewarded with something much more JUICY and WORTH than credits! 😛

      1. Hoping so! I’m in need of credits to buy something cool, so i’m saving. 🙂

  15. Wow! This gun seems a lot more worth! Haven’t tried it yet, but looks fun 😛 Ps: Switched CPu’s, so this web browser of mine lags a whole lot, so Poptropica won’t load and i’m stuck on Realms 😦

    1. Nvm, tried it anyway 😛 xD It rocks, but I thought it would work like the Despicable Me Fart Gun, turns out it just makes people you shoot green 😛

    1. The codes are only for weekdays. There are no new codes for the weekends. Come back Monday for a new code.

  16. Well, they already did a code for 75 credits… Well, they shouldn’t have repeated the amount, like seriously, you get 75 credits once you make an account on Poptropica. They should’ve doubled the amount or probably released an item or an outfit :/ Getting credits is fine, but a bit boring (I know, I know, I said I was saving up for something to buy in the store, but I was expecting an item… Oh well) :/

      1. Warning!Danger ahead! 2 omegons spotted. Prepare for Combat


        (Wonder how my avatar changed?!)

  17. But my twin can’t climb the blimp or jump higher ;-; She’s MY twin and is supposed to act just like me, right? o.O My only complaint is that it needs to be more advanced, but overall it’s pretty much what I wanted 😛

  18. I really like the twin power, but I just wish it could do the handhelds move (ex, wave a sword or something), like the actual poptropican can do but it’s still great

    1. Oh noticed that Fishy’s twin didn’t have any eyebrows either! 😀 XD

      Seems like girl poptropican’s twins don’t have any eyebrows! XD

      1. So after all the twin is not a perfect ”twin” XD

        At first I was like ”Oh wow! It’s my poptropican’s twin. She looks exactly the same and does the same actions as my poptropican except that she’s slow! XD” But then suddenly I noticed, ”Hey wait, something is missing. Oh yeah!! Her eyelashes. o.o ”

  19. Well, what do you know? Same ol’ 75 credits for the THIRD time! Well done creators, there’s barely days left and you give us measly 75 credits? -___-

    Well done you made me flip a table (ノ-o-)ノ┸┸

    1. Lol that flipping the table symbol, I remember I saw it in one site. XD There was also a keeping the the table back. XD

  20. Well, I have a few suggestions for the event:

    1)Why don’t they give 2 days of free membership to non members and something else for members? I wouldn’t mind having even a day of membership 😛
    2)Possibly a retired item (most likely)
    3)Credits, but a higher amount
    4)Animal followers like a cat or a dog or something 😛 (sorry, waaaay too desperate to get one)

    1. I suppose if they gave out more free stuff people won’t pay for membership? They have to have an income

  21. Wow… 20 credits, indeed magical! Time to flip more tables!


    Flipped the table 3 times… Hoping something tomorrow might be extra worth! (¬0¬)

  22. 😦 Naw, credits again! >_< Table flipping time
    I feel so betrayed ;-;

    1. Don’t worry according to the recent creator’s post we will have more of this in the future, maybe at that time we will get more items (and also credits! XD ) 🙂

  23. Only two things were actually useful to members. 😦 oh well. But on the bright side, we sure got a lot of credits 😀 .

  24. After the Daily Pop In, I am SICK and TIRED of seeing the word credits ALL THE TIME! If I see the word credits 1 more time, I’m going to barf!

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