App-date with chat, Balloons, MotM Island & costumes!

Hey Poptropicans, SFish here with news on the Poptropica app (P-App-tropica? I’m crediting fellow PHB authors Slippery Raptor & Spotted Dragon for the puns and pics in this post 😉 ).

App-arently, the Poptropica mobile app for iOS and Android has just gotten another app-date. The first thing you’ll notice is Dr. Hare’s app-solutely wacky Mystery of the Map assemblage on the icon. That’s because Mystery of the Map (MotM) Island was just added, for free – and if you need a walkthrough with pictures, check out our Mystery of the Map Island Guide!

In addition, two new costume packs were added, both for MotM Island. There’s the Mystery of the Map Bundle Pack, which is $0.99 like most costume packs on the app, and a second Viking Feast Pack which is free – and contains some new costumes that don’t exist in the online version: Gravy Gnasher, Bruised Basher, and Sausage Smasher!

Also, the Multiplayer Arcade (App-cade? Should I stop with the puns?) has been updated to include chat, which works slightly different from the online version. In the picture below from the Creators, you can see that when people ask you a pre-scripted question, you can choose to reply, give a greeting, compliment, or ask them a question.


And as you can see from the picture, the multiplayer game Balloons can now be played in the Arcade. (Hey, it’s Balloon Boy! He must be app-alled to find himself still in the sky after all this time…) For our walkthrough with tips, check out our Balloons Guide.

That’s a pretty big app-date for the app, but it’s not the only update going on in the Poptropica universe! In case you missed them, check out the PHB posts below for the latest happenings:

Stay popping, Poptropicans, and see you on the red carpet for the Poppies awards show coming up! 🙂

–SFish 🐟


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