Daily Pop-In

The Daily Pop-In begins next week!

What’s popping, Poptropicans? Blake here, with a bit of Poptropica news.

(I lost a bet today, so I’m unfortunately going to have to wear a princess costume and pink wig for the next 24 hours, from the time of this post. So, um… presenting Her Royal Highness, Princess Blake… I guess. Actually, on an unrelated note, can we get some Princess Blake fanart? I’d love that.)

Anyway, back to the news. The Creators have announced that they’re starting a new promotion! It’s calledΒ the Daily Pop-In, and it rewards you for logging in to play Poptropica!


How this works is that each day (starting next Monday, July 27th, through Friday, August 7th) when you pop in (hah, get it?), you get a code for an item,Β a costume, maybe even credits! Sadly, I don’t need credits when I have membership. Oh, the irony: You get it all, and then you lose this. But judging by the limited edition gold Pop Star in the picture, they might be re-releasing retired exclusive costumes, and that might be something to look forward to!

Also, voting for the Poppies is still on, so cast your votes! You have two more days (at least in American time) to vote in BestΒ AuthorΒ  ANY CATEGORY! Be sure to vote Blake for best author for free cookies. Any author would be glad to have your vote. After all, we do everything we can to make the PHB “The Best it can Be!”Β Ooh, that’s good. Someone make that our slogan.

Anyway, that’s all for now! Stay popping, Poptropicans, and I’ll see you at the Poppies party over on the PHC! Take care!

(Wow, I actually didn’t end a post with my outro. Feels weird. This wig also feels weird.)

7 thoughts on “The Daily Pop-In begins next week!”

  1. I think the creators should do something about the number of pages on ”Photos album”. It’s become a mess especially if you have 162+ photos. 😦 The number ”1” page and ”28” page button are barely visible! Can you please tell about this problem to the creators on Twitter?

  2. hey i don’t see any codes on my map. So does this basically start when you log on or at some appointed time.

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