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Arab Ep. 3 peeks, more Realms, & PopComics!

Hey PHB readers! Slippery here. As you may know, there are a lot of Poptropica sneak peeks over at Twitter these past few days! Do you want to see them? Here we go!

Our first tweet is a sketch of the third episode of Arabian Nights. Looks like the genie has finally came out of her magic lamp and everyone in the lair looks very surprised to see a genie! I wonder if the lamp beside me also has magic powers… *rubs lamp*

arabnights3peekWell, the rusty old lamp doesn’t work. *throws the lamp away*

Speaking of magical genies, Poptropica also tweeted a sneak peek of the genies we might stumble upon in the final episode. Which of them do you like best? Another thing to point out, the genies actually have ears! A Poptropica first. Poptropicans finally have ears – well, the genies at least. Also, you can find this image over on the Daily Pop!


Who’s excited for the third and final episode of Arabian Nights? Are you excited as I am? I think it’ll have a great ending!

Next, Poptropica posted several new Poptropica Realms creations over on Twitter! PHB reader Cuddly Knuckle shared his own creation as well. Looking good! Click to enlarge the images.

Hours after the release of GHD Island, Poptropica posted a new Poptropica comic strip in which Jorge and Oliver find themselves walking down the yellow brick road — familiar? They seem to be strolling to the beautiful Land of Oz! Check out this funny comic strip:


Poor scarecrow. Who will help him?

Speaking of PopComics, the Creators also tweeted this sneak peek for the upcoming graphic novel! Oliver’s run into some big trouble with a caveman on a rushing stream of water…

popcomic oliver water

That’s all of the updates we have for today! Make sure to check out PHB’s Poptropica Realms guide and the recent post on PoptropiCon’s final episode!


10 thoughts on “Arab Ep. 3 peeks, more Realms, & PopComics!”

  1. Wow! This looks interesting!
    I think my favorite genie is the last one. She looks wise.
    By The Way, I love purple.

    p.s. pie

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