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Remarkable Realms & PopStorm #13 (eyebrows)

Hey guys! This week, the Creators have been sharing a ton of Remarkable Realms creations (mostly over Twitter), so just sit back and enjoy! 😀

Amazing work! For more on Realms, check out our Poptropica Realms Guide. Other than Realms creations, the Creators have also shared PopStorm #13, which might raise some eyebrows… if Poptropicans had eyebrows.

popstorm 13

In other Twitter-related news, a recent tweet from Poptropica reveals that they are indeed planning for a Poptropica show someday, as we’d suspected!

And finally, the PHB’s Galactic Hot Dogs Island Guide – written by our very own Brave Tomato and Blake – is now up! Speaking of GHD, the comic’s font is called Arnold 2.1 (thanks to Poptrickia for the random tidbit of info!). You can download it for free here.


Well, that’s it for now. Until next time! 🙂


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