Galactic Hot Dogs Island

Galactic Hot Dogs Island out for members!

ghd members

Hey everyone! As you may know, Galactic Hot Dogs Island was supposed to be released to members yesterday (Thursday, January 29th) but Poptropica said they had a browser problem and pushed the release to Friday, January 30th instead. Anyway, it’s out for members now! There is a demo for non-members as well.

Click here for the PHB’s written walkthrough, by Brave Tomato and Blake! 😀


In the meantime, check out our Behind the Scenes Overview of Galactic Hot Dogs Island, and look forward to a review of GHD coming soon. 🙂 It’s the first full island (meaning no episodes) since about a full year ago, so enjoy!


29 thoughts on “Galactic Hot Dogs Island out for members!”

  1. Argh!I’ve tried 4 times already,every time Cosmoe tells Humphree to hit the gas,he just stands there and just won’t move!

  2. .__.

    okay,,,I finished the island,,. And well…um… Want an island that’s a mix of Astro-Knights and Super Hot Dog Boy? We got the island for you. Also, I’m sorry, but I really didn’t like the ending.

    1. Brave Tomato, I just finished the island and I agree with you. It didn’t really feel like a good ending. Nothing really happened at the end. I would have been cool if we actually had to get away, not just press a button..

      1. Well, I didn’t like the ending either… Usually when the Poptropica creators make an island they won’t just end it that way!

    2. I agree too! This island felt very Astro Knights, and the ending was terrible! Give us a good ending, like in game show or survival!

  3. Can anybody tell me how to get Cosmoe? I already got the fruit and made it into an egg. I just can’t seem to rescue him! Any thoughts or tips?

    1. I got the fruit because I just figured because I got the guano in Dagger’s area and the seed from Csomoe’s area. So I figured that the egg would help me get Cosmoe because all the other items helped other people.

      1. You were supposed to go up to the nest Cosmoe is trapped in and then click use on the egg in the item inventory. Just asking- did you save Humphree yet?

    1. In Cosmoe’s planet, in the first scene you’re in, you’ll find a seed pod at the top in a flower. You trade that seed pod with the blue bear on Funketown who said that he was willing to trade things for ingredients. Once you trade it, you’ll get a gelatin salad. Equip it and you’ll hold it over your head. On Dagger’s planet you have to bounce the falling rocks on to any obstacle in your way.

  4. Also,where the heck is the treasure map,I checked EVERYWHERE on column E and I can’t find any map and I even clicked on all the planets in the column and it keeps saying no signal detected and I am pretty sure I am almost done!

    1. Yeah, to get the treasure map, go to that square in the bottom right corner. Then click on the star a little farther out than all the rest (it’s in the bottom right area), then circle around it until you see a bunch of Asteroids. Click on that and you will enter this mini-game where you have to stay away from all the debris floating in space.

    2. Its a bunch of asteroids. The avoid the asteroids scene in this island kinda reminded me of Lunar Colony.

  5. the asteroid part reminded ME of flappy bird. but about the ending? it appears that the creators have lied to us AGAIN, because of it saying that Cosmoe’s Wiener getaway is coming may 5. I know there will be a book called that, but according to Thinknoodles there will be a second episode of the Island.

    1. Thinknoodles kinda goofed on that one. ^^; it actually still is a graphic novel, he just doesn’t know much about the whole thing.

  6. I’m Stuck on the space junk mini game (the one where you have to avoid the asteriods) everytime i try to do it, my character keeps going up and getting hit by the cloud stuff then falling and getting hit. Anyone know what to do? Thanks.

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