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The Poptropica Land public preview has dropped!

What’s popping, Poptropicans? Blake here, with a post announcing that the public preview of Poptropica Land has dropped! Now non-members can join in the fun of Poptropica Land from now until October 30. The Creators are challenging everyone to submit a Land creation for several themes:

land public previewThis weekend’s theme, from October 16 to 19, is Dream Home, so I’m just gonna link to this little tidbit here. Anyway, for upcoming themes, check out the graphic above! Note: you don’t have to follow any specific theme when you play around with Land. It’s your Land, so do what you want with it! 🙂

To get started, just visit the map and click on Land, or get the Poptropica Labs gold card from the Store. You can submit your Land to the Creators’ contest through the in-game menu. For a walkthrough on how to use the Land feature, check out our Poptropica Labs (Land) Guide!


Now, here’s a little extra for this post. My friend Captain Spencer had a bit of a theory. Let’s discuss this – here on “Blake Pops a Theory”!


This theory is called the Poptropica Parallel Theory. What if every Island exists in another dimension? This would explain how no matter what you do on other Islands, nobody recognizes you whatsoever on each separate island. Greg Heffley on Wimpy Wonderland doesn’t, Van Buren on Survival doesn’t, and even the PASE crew (the Poptropica version of NASA on Lunar Colony) doesn’t recognize you!

This theory basically states that each Island by itself exists on its own dimensional plane, and the blimp allows you to travel between dimensions (separate, parallel worlds unaware of each other). It’s plausible, except for the fact that somehow, we’re told to travel to Early Poptropica Island during the Counterfeit Island quest.

Also, how/why did we get our blimp for free at the beginning of the game, when a device that lets you go to other dimensions could cost thousands? Well, one guess is that our blimp was a present from our Poptropican’s “parents” or some guardian wanting us to go through the different dimensional planes; someone who wants us to keep saving every Island in crisis.

Poptropicans, the world just got a whole lot more wibbly wobbly, timey wimey. 20 points for Gryffindor if you get that reference.

Well, that’s it for today! Stay popping and multiverse-travelling, Poptropicans.

8 thoughts on “The Poptropica Land public preview has dropped!”

  1. Blake even I have to admit it’s an awesome theory, but their are a few plot holes including going from Counterfeit to Early Pop and back. Also, when you said if I could make a graphic, I didn’t think it would be a series!! Heh, thanks for putting it into the post anyways. 🙂

  2. OH MY GOSH I GET THEM BOTH! Also, for the Counterfeit to Early Poptropica one, perhaps your blimp is not the only vehicle that can travel across dimensions, and that there is another one that the guy used to get there; after all, they do still retain their memories. But if that is true, what about Super Villain Island?

  3. Also, in the comics the 2 adventurers can see all the islands at once in the ballon so they could be far a part so people with ship like in skulduggery island were even the fastest ship can’t beat the speed of our magical blimp.

  4. It doesn’t make sense that all the islands are in a separate universe. In Shark Tooth, on top of the roof, there’s a guy who’s supposed to be in Time “Twisted” Island, the name they were going to use, but decided to use Time Tangled instead. Plus, the inventor of the time machine is said to be vacationing in Shark Tooth Island (the newspaper on Time Tangled). If you look in the Tourist center, there he is!
    That’s why I think that all the islands are in the same universe/dimension. Anybody agree with me??

    1. Hmm… I understand what you’re trying to say, but maybe certain islands are in the same dimension, and others aren’t. Interesting theory to the guy that posted this!

  5. What if the Blimp itself is a TARDIS? A TARDIS can travel through time AND space. That would explain why some locations are within the same dimension, and why some islands are set in different time periods. So when you travel to an island, you aren’t necessarily travelling to a separate dimension, or to a separate island within the same dimension, but rather, a specific location within any of an unknown number of dimensions, each containing one or more islands. Perhaps the planet Poptropica’s islands are divided into regions, each region contained in its own pocket universe, and each universe contains all the islands within that dimension. So, when we see the physical image of the planet (on Astro-Knights Island, for example), the player, as a time traveler, is able to see a combined image of all the pocket universes on the planet overlapping (similar to how looking into the Time Vortex [which the Map could be considered to be, assuming the time travel mechanic is similar in style to Doctor Who] can cause one to see into all of time and space) into one planet with many islands. Also, it seems very convenient that, on Time Tangled Island, the time travel device the player is presented with is seemingly created from a fob watch, and that the player’s method of travel is a hot air balloon shaped like a blimp (refer to the episode “The Next Doctor”). And, on Spy Island, two of the gadgets you receive are a Grapple Bow Tie and a Laser Pen.

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