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Atlantis Captain, Survival’s Max McGullicutty, & Land

Ahoy, Poptropicans! Members who have played the final chapter of Mission Atlantis may have picked up the Atlantis Captain costume towards the end — but everyone can get it from the Store for free! When you press space bar, the helmet will either reveal or hide your face.

atl capt

In addition to recently being released to everyone online, Survival 4 (Cabin Fever) is also now on the Poptropica iOS app! Click here for the PHB’s Survival walkthrough. Tally ho!


Meanwhile on Poptropica’s Tips & Tricks app, they’ve added guides for Survival 2 through 4, and it’s 99 cents for each episode. If it’s a walkthrough you need, though, I’d advise saving your money and using the PHB’s free Survival Island Guide instead! Sure, we’re not official, but we’re still here to help. 😛

Speaking of Survival, there’s just one more episode left, and from what we know, you’re on the run from MVB, but you have a friend waiting for you in the woods. He’s the mysterious character who left you notes on the tapestry in Episode 4 (allowing your escape), and signed it “M.M.” So who is M.M.?

Remember the Manifest from the plane in Episode 3? There was a name for the coin-collecting passenger: Max McGullicutty… M.M.! And this Daily Pop sneak peek might just be giving us a look at him, disheveled from life in the woods, and more importantly, with an “M” on his belt buckle:


If you remember from one of HP’s Survival Files on the PHB, there’s some dialogue with what appears to be a superstitious fisherman… and as we haven’t encountered this character yet, perhaps it’s Max.

Also, we haven’t forgotten about Poptropica Land, now in alpha version 2 and still only available to members (get the Labs card from the Store). It’s a big step up from the first prototype of Poptropica Labs, and new features include: the magical blue hammer of creation and destruction (Svadilfari), “Poptanium” mining instead of coins, the ability to save, and more!

pop land

Stay tuned to the PHB for a more in-depth look as well as a community event coming soon, involving this updated feature! In the meantime, don’t forget to be awesome. 🙂


13 thoughts on “Atlantis Captain, Survival’s Max McGullicutty, & Land”

  1. Community event, huh? Possibly sharing our PopLand files with one another?
    I wrote a review of PopLands over on my blog (for any non-members that are interested about learning more). 🙂

    1. Allonsy 😉 Hah, what if we jump out of a tree, and we shout “Geronimo!”? That would be completely awesome d;

  2. Well, I doubt the fact that Max is a fisherman. Based on the manifest, he’s the only passenger. It could mean that he is THE pilot because if there was a pilot, he would be with us. Those dialog are just templates on an island with no dialog yet. So, that proves it.

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