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Shark shoutout & a closer look at Land

Hey Poptropicans! So apparently it’s “Shark Week” on Discovery Channel, but of course when the Creators bring that up on their blog, what they’re really trying to do is shamelessly promote one of their islands. 😉 However, this note may be of interest for those who remember the Shark Boy scandal:

The second Island we ever released, way back in 2007, was Shark Tooth Island, which featured the massive Booga Shark, a helpful medicine man, and one very special boy whose name we no longer recall.

At least good old Captain Crawfish, Shark Boy’s successor, afforded him one last shoutout… 😦 #momentofsilence (and if you have no idea what I’m talking about, these posts should catch you up) Shark Boy was truly an icon of Poptropica’s earlier days, a name we won’t so easily forget!


(this and more awesome art can be found in the PHB magazine, POPCORN.)

Moving on to newer things, the second evolution of Poptropica Land was recently released to members, and as promised, the PHB’s Poptropica Labs page has been updated to give you guys a more in-depth look at this cool new feature. Click here to view our Land walkthrough, which speaks of how to get the Svadilfari, materials you can unlock, and more! Here’s the Land trailer:

Poptropica’s official Twitter has already gotten right into it by showcasing some of their favorite creations so far! Here’s a look at a treehouse (made by Spotted Dragon of the ATP), submarine, and garden. Pretty creative stuff! 😀

If that’s not enough of a look at Land alpha version 2, check out this review by Spotted Dragon on her blog, or this video tour from Captain Spencer (below) — plus, stay tuned for HP’s video walkthrough!

Lastly, some Poptropicans have noticed that the World Cup costumes are no longer to be found in the inventory. Brave Dolphin recently investigated this and got the following reply from Poptropica:

These are limited time expired items which are no longer available in the store or in the player inventory.

While the Creators did say the costumes wouldn’t be around forever, what’s weird is that they usually never take away Store-obtained item cards from players’ inventories (they only do it for ads, which this wasn’t). Strange, isn’t it? Share your thoughts in the comments! 😛

10 thoughts on “Shark shoutout & a closer look at Land”

  1. I’m gonna miss Shark Boy. 😦
    But on the bright side, looks like my Land creation was featured on The Creators’ Twitter! I made the treehouse! 😀 Plus, it will be featured in HP’s video, coming soon. 😉

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