Forgotten Islands only $2.99! Time for holiday wishlists!

Happy Thanksgiving! Whether you’re celebrating with turkey or not, this still applies: Poptropica’s first ever iOS game, Forgotten Islands, is now on sale in the App Store for $2.99 (a saving of two dollars)! This discount ends on (Black) Friday, so get it quick!

Along with hours of gameplay, a promise of no in-app purchases, and the recently added Halloween costume pack, it now comes with a new Thanksgiving costume pack, too! If you’re not convinced, check out the PHB’s complete Forgotten Islands Walkthrough, with pictures and the whole storyline to show you what the game is like.

If that’s not right up your alley, maybe you’ll find something else that catches your eye on the Poptropica Shop’s printable holiday wishlist for 2013. For a full list of Poptropica products, check out the PHB article Merchandise: A Guide to Poptropica Shopping!

Anyway, happy Thanksgiving from the PHB! We’re grateful for all you readers for your support just by visiting our website and eating all the crawfish from our fridge. (Wait, what?)

Also, Poptropolis Games Island 2013 will be available to everyone next Thursday, December 5, so be ready to represent your tribe well in high-spirited competition!

What's popping, Poptropicans?

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