Advertisements, Mocktropica Island

Think you can take on the CapriSun pros?

Poptropolis Games won’t be out of early access until this Thursday, December 5th, but until then, CapriSun’s Roarin’ Waters is here to deliver two athletic challenges in a Kids vs. Pros Playground Throwdown! You can find this ad on Main Streets such as the one on Virus Hunter Island.

caprisun kidsvspros

To your right is Gabby Douglas the gymnast, who you must match in three rounds consisting of a flip, double flip, then a triple flip. All you have to do is watch her tricks, then when it’s your turn, click when the red button tells you to, and you’ll do a flip! The prizes are the Super Flip Power and Gymnast Outfit.

Gabby Douglas

To your left is WWE wrestler John Cena, who will challenge you to tug-of-war. Just click as fast as you can to pull the rope closer to your side. When you win, you’ll get the Flex Power and In-Ring Gear.

John Cena

In other news, PHB reader Silver Wolf mentioned to us that the Mocktropica Island desktop wallpaper contains a to-do list in the corner that includes “Balloon Boy Rescue Island”!


Could this mean that the island being created in Mocktropica has to do with the one who floated away on Counterfeit Island, the running gag we’ve seen occasional glimpses of ever since? Hmm…

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