4th of July Special: Captain America Costume

First off, to all those who are celebrating today, have a great 4th of July!

It appears that Poptropica is also celebrating, giving out a special prize that is perfect for today – a Captain America costume! The Disney XD Non-Stop Summer ad building has been updated to include the preview for the new Disney XD series Avengers Assemble, premiering this Sunday at 11AM/10 Central. So far, I have only found it on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island on boy accounts.


Once you watch the video, you receive the new Captain America Outfit! When you click on the “make me a hero” button, you are inserted into Captain America’s costume, but you will return back to what you were wearing before when you enter a new room/area. That means if you want to be able to wear the costume anywhere you go you have to press Ctrl + Shift + S, but be warned, this will do away with what you were already wearing and replace it with the Captain America Outfit.

The Creators also posted a reminder that no 4th of July celebration is complete without fireworks! You can head on over to the Poptropica Store and pick up the Fireworks gold card now and admire the amazing explosions.

Happy 4th of July!

78 thoughts on “4th of July Special: Captain America Costume

    • Cool Smarticle says:

      Really? I wasn’t playing against anyone. I left a little early. Must of been Bulldog. 😉 Wanna make another for 4th of July?

  1. Cool Smarticle says:

    MULTIVERSE PARTY FOR 4TH OF JULY PEEPS! CODE IS DZV38 !!! Credit to Bulldog for making the room. :mrgreen:

    Others were deleted.

  2. Cool Smarticle says:

    Anyone wanna come to my multiverse? The code is EMD85 !!! EVERYONE AND ANYONE IS WELCOME TO COME! :mrgreen:

  3. The Scientist, Mad Tornado says:

    Wheres the ad ?

    Slanted Fish: According to the post, it’s on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island.

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