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Virus Hunter member bonuses incoming!

You know Virus Hunter is really coming soon when you see the members-only free bonuses start to come into the Store. The first of these is the Virtual Virus Costume, available only during the Early Access period. Because you’ve always wanted to look just like a virus… right?

The costume comes in two parts. When you Costumize the lower half with the body and legs, your own Poptropican’s legs will be replaced by this set of limbs which will have you skittering about like a spider.

[UPDATE 1 – July 9] The Inside-Out Power is here to give you deep insight on the insides (literally) of your Poptropican’s very being (or the very beings of others).

[UPDATE 2 – July 16] The last one is the Sneezing Powder – use it by pressing the space bar and you can give someone a sneezing fit! Aaa… aaahhh-choo!

By the way, remember the PHB’s Ongoing Story Creation? It’s still going (because it’s ongoing), so if you’d like to contribute to or even just read a Poptropica fan-fic created by fellow Poptropicans, you’re welcome to join in!

24 thoughts on “Virus Hunter member bonuses incoming!”

  1. maybe its a count down to the island because one can be released on Wednesday and the other on the launch day witch could be this thursday

    1. These images were released when Counterfeit Island was in the works. When Counterfeit was released, it did have elements quite similar to the “French-themed island” sneak peeks, such as the French dictionary, Balloon Boy’s companion speaking French, and the scenery in general, which leads us to believe that these were probably ideas for Counterfeit Island that just didn’t make the final cut.

  2. Fishy, how did you change your name to Friendly Fishy if you I really want to know and i am curious

      1. Fishy, I thought that your Scary Tomato account was a boy? Did you use the randomize into a different gender glitch before it was patched?

      2. It was, but I changed it to a girl. I don’t remember how, but probably with Ctrl+Shift+R before they made it no longer change genders. It used to be a boy Poptropican because at the time I liked the customization options for boys better. 😛

      3. Wow, how funny! Yeah, it was probably Ctrl+Shift+R, seeing that that was the only way to actually swap genders.

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