Kirk Strayer in 3-D!

Hey guys, BT here. Now should I start with the joking or non-joking part? I’ll start with the (possibly joking) part.

Captain Crawfish has announced Poptropica 3D HD. Or is it HD 3D? Whatever.

And 3D images from Skullduggery Island are there.

And low-priced $999.95 3D glasses. (Shipping and handling not included; available 1/01/14)

And suppossedly Jeff Kinney “approves” in a fake-looking quote.

Now, before you break your piggy banks, I’m pleased to remind you of today’s date: April 1st. There. Put the hammers down. Good. Besides, I have a pair of 3-D glasses stashed in a DVD that works with that image and for only $20 something dollars.

But like the nose thing last year, I don’t think this is really happening. I think this is the Creators way of mocking technology with its HD and 3D yakkity yak these days. XD

Now, not everything is a joke today. I actually found a promotion for Back Lot Island in the weirdest spot.

So I was wandering around on Night Watch Island when I encountered an ad.

No. It wasn’t an ordinary ad, though.

So… this is new. The Creators using the advertising spot to take a picture with Back Lot Island’s Kirk Strayer: well-known actor since 2 weeks ago. If you talk to him, he’ll say:

So you enter…

Those seem like epic images. And you click take photo… and a new photo is added to your album!

Now, I think there are a bunch of possibilities for your picture. Here they are:


…on second thought, I think this is the only result you get. I laughed at this, considering the epic preview images in the first screen when you first enter XD.

Oh well. At least we finally know who Kirk Strayer is. But what will go on with him in Back Lot Island? Only time will tell.

BT out!

19 thoughts on “Kirk Strayer in 3-D!

  1. Yellow Comet says:

    I remember last year with the noses, so I bet this is another April Fool’s. And the KS ad is on other islands; Spy, for example.

  2. Clean Shark says:

    Ok, I did the photo booth with KS, and I got that same pic. When I re-entered, I couldn’t take another picture, because it just gave me the steps to view it, rather than to take one.

    • Clean Shark says:

      I didn’t know if there was a grain of truth in their prank or not, but now I know that nothing in their prank was true, and now that I know it, I can play Back Lot tomorrow! I was worried that I couldn’t be able to play ’cause my Membership expires this month.

  3. strange beetle that can wait to watch the night watch says:

    new thing update: back lot island is avalibale for members on 4/25/13!

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