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Could it be?

Could it be another new island? No.

Could it be another new author? Yes.

And that new author is me. Yes, me, Angry Wing.


Now for a little about myself.

I’m really excited to be a part of this awesome Poptropica blog. I’m twelve years old and I’ve been playing the game since Shark Tooth Island was released. Right now I’m running a blog of my own: Just Cuz It’s Friday. I post every Friday and my friends post throughout the week. You can find it at justcuzitsfriday.com.

Outside of the computer, I enjoy drawing, reading, hanging out with my friends. I play football, basketball, and I do track. And of course, I love blogging. I am a follower of God, a Christian. Happy Easter, by the way! My music interests include TobyMac and OneRepublic.

If you’re interested in friending me on Poptropica, my username is sleigh.

So I’m really excited to be a part of the team here. Feel free to ask questions below, and without further ado, I consider my first post finished!

27 thoughts on “Could it be?”

      1. I’m sure you’ll be great. I’ve written two guest posts for the PHB, and it’s really fun. I’m sure you’ll be very helpful to all the readers of this blog!

  1. I have an idea for a new section in PHB. You could post paintings from Counterfeit Islands that look cool. They disappear once you switch screens, so it would be cool if the rest of us could see good pieces!

      1. But speaking of April Fools Day, aren’t the Creators going to come up with another ever so clever April Fools joke?

      2. They probably did. They made a post about the HD 3D improvement to Poptropica, so you should look at their post, and I made a post about it on my blog.

  2. sweet! welcome to the group, angry wing! hope you will have fun here and that you make awesome posts

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