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It’s purple skies and palm trees here on Night Watch Island

It looks like Night Watch Island will be (partly) featuring the theater theme we’ve been seeing in the Daily Pop! This new Daily Pop, showing a Chinese-style building that has somehow become a theater, is reminiscent of the purple-pink sky and palm trees we’ve seen of Night Watch Island.

“World Premiere – Don’t need to go far to travel anywhere.” PHB reader Small Bird tells us that this is based onย Grauman’s Chinese Theater, a Hollywoodย movie theater in Los Angeles, California.

World premiere

Since we can tell from the background that it belongs to Night Watch, these other purple-skied peeks will probably also be seen on the upcoming island.

“Dino DNA – Won’t find any cloning materials here.”

That’s an interestingly large stitched-up dinosaur prop. What could it possibly be used for?

Dino DNA

“Wax Eloquent – The stars never fade away, they may only melt.”

A… celebrity wax museum? I wonder what that’s going to look like on the inside.

Wax Eloquent

As for the theater theme, we’ll soon find out whether it’s part of Night Watch or a separate island when Night Watch is released (hopefully this month!). Check out some of the movie madness.

“Track Changes – You could call these some concept cars.” Warren Bros. Movie Studios… a clever parody of Warner Bros. And could the ‘Western Scene’ be referring to the Wild West sneak peek?

Track Changes

“Quiet Please – Recording is in progress.” Perhaps filming for a movie? Maybe it’s for “The Hobo,” which is the name of the movie in the theatrical posters from the World Premiere sneak peek. PHB readersย Squeezy Wing and Thing 1 suggest that this is a parody of The Hobbit. ๐Ÿ˜›

Quiet Please

“Green Screen – Nothing like the magic of special effects.” More movie filming! A green screen is used in video production so you can later edit the background to anything you like… like the damp cave shown on the television. There’s also a very curious-looking monster there. Juggz suggests it’s a parody of Smeagol/Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

Green Screen

How big of a role (pun intended) will theater and video-filming have on Night Watch Island? After all, a mall’s gotta have other things to do too. ๐Ÿ˜› What do you think?

26 thoughts on “It’s purple skies and palm trees here on Night Watch Island”

  1. I kinda thought it was a parody on “The Hobbit”, because 2 things: I could tell by the font, and the “Hobo” as it indicates, he looked a lot like a Poptropican-ized Bilbo Baggins.

  2. Hey, I just discovered that Early Poptropica and Shark Tooth Island have the same backround! So either it’s a different Island with the same backround as Night Watch, it’s in Night Watch, or the backround of Night Watch was mistaken with the same backround as the Movie theme.

      1. What, the backround? I don’t really care. The Poptropica Creators probably didn’t want to waste their time on another backround, probably because it was probably hard enough to create an Island then, considering they probably didn’t have much money, but now with them havving money from Membership and Merchandise people buy, they have enough money to do all these cool features on Poptropica! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I believe that Night Watch Island and “Movie Island” are seperate. If they were the same island, it would be the largest in Poptropica History: two objectives, two main settings… I think you get the picture.

      1. Yeah. Probaby same backround, but different Island. (Referring to Early Poptropica and Shark Tooth)

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