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PHB Pop-over Special: Why So Serious?

(Whether you’re on the good side or the dark side, enjoy these Poptropica costume adaptations of movie characters made by PHB author Fuzzy-B! You can read his original post on his blog.)

Batman, Avengers, Star Wars… the war between good and evil rages on! Learn how you can look just like one of the heroes – or perhaps you favor a devious villain as inspiration for your Poptropica attire.


  • Utility Belt: Customize the blue-and-orange costume from the Masks & Capes store on Super Power Island
  • Pants: Goth Boy on Main Street, Vampireโ€™s Curse Island
  • Chest plate: Dark Astro-Knight costume (Poptropica Store)
  • Cowl: Bat Guy in the Temple (first room) on Shark Tooth Island
  • Cape: Grim Reaper from Haunted House

The Joker

  • Colors: Green hair, white skin
  • Jacket & Pants: Leprechaun costume (Poptropica Store)
  • Shirt: Dr. Jekyll from Haunted House
  • Smile: Clown costume (Poptropica Store)
  • Hair: Goth Boy on Main Street, Vampireโ€™s Curse Island


  • Bow & Quiver: Robin Hood costume (Poptropica Store)
  • Glasses: Gamer Dude costume (Poptropica Store)
  • Jacket: Rock Singer costume (Poptropica Store)
  • Shirt: Grim Reaper from Haunted House
  • Pants: black
  • Utility Belt: blue suit from Masks & Capes store on Super Power Island

Jedi (Yoda)

  • Shirt & Belt: monk in the Castle Library on Astro-Knights Island
  • Pants: brown
  • Ears: Furry Monster 2 or Elf (Poptropica Store)
  • Green skin
  • Lightsaber: Sky Hawk Warrior (Poptropica Store)

Sith Warrior

  • Hair: Goth Boy on Main Street, Vampire’s Curse Island
  • Shirt & Cape: Grim Reaper from Haunted House
  • Face: Scarecrow from Haunted House
  • Lightsaber: Sky Hawk Warrior
  • Pants: black

May the Force be with you!

26 thoughts on “PHB Pop-over Special: Why So Serious?”

  1. I suggest the eye doctor off Spy Island’s smile for Yoda, and I suggest grey Goth Boy hair for the Sith Warrior, and also the Poptropica Store’s Gamer Dude costume’s frown, and I’m still looking for a brown cape so that the Sith Warrior will look more like Count Dooku!

    1. The Jedi originally had a brown hood and brown cape, but I took them away and made it into Yoda.
      I know that you can get the brown good on Astro-Knights and I’m about 90% sure that the cape is on Astro-Knights Island as well.

      1. I haven’t seen it cuz I don’t like Marvel.Well,Spiderman is an exception.:D IT’S SO FUNNY!Can you guys do Robin?And Catwoman?And Poison Ivy?And Scarecrow,Clayface,Harley Quinn…..*FIVE HOURS LATER*……And Two Face,the Riddler-and,hey,why not Teen Titans?

  2. STAR WARS?!! AVENGERS?!!! BATMAN?!! ON POPTROPICA?!!!! [itfinallyhappenedyay!]

    Hi, by the way.

    Also- if anyone can make poptropicans that look like percy jackson/heroes of olympus characters…. I. WILL. BE. AMAZED.

      1. How ’bout Angry Birds characters? (Except Star Wars and Rio, people migjt cheat with these Star Wars Costumes, and don’t forget the Ad Transporter, then someone could give me a Rio costume, but not an Angry Bird.

  3. I have my own version of the Joker and other Batman villain costumes.
    Hair:I don’t know which hair because I have girl accounts only and I couldn’t see boy ones.
    Shirt:In the Haunted House,Scarecrow’s shirt.And a purple jacket.(Sorry boys!I’m a girl.)
    Pants:Uhhh…purple pants.
    Mouth:Charlie’s from Chocolate Factory island.
    Thats the Joker!You get extra butter points if you know what these initials are(They’re Batman-related):

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