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All Poptropica’s a stage, and all the players merely puppets

A couple new sneak peeks suggest the possibility of a theater/stage performance theme! Perhaps a new island idea? This one’s called “Wild West – Nope, not a sequel. Something new!”

Wild West

The guy with the Legendary Swords skull mask is apparently SteveCreator, who appears in some Daily Pop sneak peeks. (Another is the character who looks like Gamer Guy from Zomberry Island.) Thanks Elphangor! Check out this sneak peek as well: “Cheap Seats – Sit too close and you’ll go cross-eyed.”

cheap seats

Thanks Samwow5 for the heads-up.ย Perhaps this theater is related to the recent home studio sneak peekย we saw. What do you think this might be about?


40 thoughts on “All Poptropica’s a stage, and all the players merely puppets”

      1. In your first comment, you said Gamer was “not Steve.” They’re two different characters, but whether they’re the same Creator is unknown. I was just saying that the skull mask character in the sneak peeks of this post is SteveCreator.

    1. Here is my walkthrough:

      Go in.Talk to Peter.After the minor cutscene,you get a minigame which is similar to the RTV minigame hanglider.All you have to do is to avoid the obstacles and make it there.You see,the obstacles at first are easy to avoid-roofs,chimneys,trees,and birds.But after you go past the clock tower,you’ll reach never never land.where cannonballs burst out of clouds randomly,so the easiest thing to do is to go down.Then after sometime,you will finish the minigame and earn a Captain Hook costume (I don’t know what’s for girls) (with a mustache!) and a pixie dust power.

      Hope this will help,all! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. Im back and i found when you go to poptropilis games and go to the far left without going to the games and when you maximize the screen to 200% you’ll see two poptropicans under the island

  2. maybe it a new feature remember when the creators said they will add new features we were waiting for years maybe its this one

  3. it’ll probably be sometime in late Feb. it’s given out (even to members) because there is still the arrival of night watch island. Besides, Mardi Gras starts on Feb. 21 this year!

    Slanted Fish: Actually, it’s February 12 this year (2013). It was the 21st in 2012.

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