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Warning: Zombie Invasion in T-Minus 5 Days

Hey, you’re going to need some protection from the zombies, Jack.

There are only five days left until Zomberry Island is available to all, so tell me, what do you think is going to help you get through the apocalypse? (Even if it isn’t actually necessary…)

One week left to get your ZMB Unit costume!

We’re kicking the new year off right when we launch Zomberry Island for everyone next Thursday, January 10. But you know what that means: the exclusive, Members-only “ZMB Unit” costume will also be coming out of the store on that date!

If you’re already a Poptropica Member, make sure you grab the ZMB Unit costume before it’s gone. If you’re not a Member, get Membership today so that you can get all the great Members-only gear, and play Zomberry Island before the general public!

avatar image

So, are you going to wait and play with the “general public” or be a ZMB Member and play now?

In other news, there is an interesting new Daily Pop post that caught my attention.


The caption reads “Mardi Gras: These folks are ready for Fat Tuesday”.

Mardi Gras is coming up on Tuesday, February 12 here in the United States, what are the creators planning with these fancy costumes? Could it be related to the new Mall Island whichย could or couldn’t have something to do with Monster Carnival?

20 thoughts on “Warning: Zombie Invasion in T-Minus 5 Days”

    1. This blog was the first Poptropica fansite on the internet, and I posted written walkthroughs when there weren’t really any, so people came because they could find what they were looking for here. Leaving good comments on other related blogs without blatantly advertising your site may cause people to naturally want to click on your name and see what you’re all about, so that’s what I’d suggest, along with posting interesting content often of course. ๐Ÿ˜›

  1. puterpop just click on spotted new years name ๐Ÿ˜› hope that helped

  2. Fishy here’s a clue, on the other post with the daily pop pics the poster with the lady on it, it says mardi gras in cursive. And here it says about those guys getting ready for the mardi gras.

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