Return of Monster Carnival?

One of Poptropica’s biggest mysteries is Monster Carnival Island… it appeared on the Map but vanished with no explanation one day to be replaced by 24 Carrot Island. However, this sneak peek (“Carnival of Costumes – maybe not quite a circus of values”) recently surfaced on the Daily Pop:

Carnival Costumes

Could we be seeing the return of Monster Carnival? Or is this just going to be another shop in the new mall-themed island we’ve been seeing recently? After all, the white mannequins seen in the picture above are also featured in this Daily Pop (“Fashion Plate – try before you buy”) image:

Fashion Plate

Also, I recall that seconds 0:12 to 0:14 on the official trailer video for Poptropica’s Friends gave us a subtle hint for “MonsterCarnival2012.” However, it’s 2013 and we’ve yet to see it happen! (By the way, look up that username on the Avatar Studio and you’ll get a character with the name Monster Carnival!)

The video was posted in early April 2012, and here’s a screenshot of what I’m talking about:


So what do you think? Will we be seeing Monster Carnival again, or will it remain a mystery forever? Also, check out our new PHB article, Mystery of Monster Carnival, in which all the Monster Carnival Island data we know is exposed for your knowledge. You can find it under Cool Stuff, and it will explain the history of this mystery! 🙂

62 thoughts on “Return of Monster Carnival?

  1. tallspider says:

    What if it does return? I mean it might be a really big island that they thought was gonna take too long to do at one time. So while they make the regular island they do bits of monster carnival. But I doubt it.

  2. angryplantms11 says:

    Well the mall island and monster carnival might be one island cause some carnivals have malls or gift shops in them

    but on the other hand the whole “monster carnival return” thing might be a conspiracy to get people excited about poptropica and it might not happen!

  3. Spotted Dragon says:

    I think it will probably be just another part of the upcoming mall island. I could be wrong though, cuz t looks very interesting.
    BTW: I think that whole “MonsterCarnival2012” thing is just a example username that you can add to your friends page.

    • Slanted Fish says:

      “MonsterCarnival2012” is more than just an example username. Just the fact that it yields a character named “Monster Carnival” should show it’s a Creator-made account, and considering the video was posted (by the Creators!) in early 2012, it was quite likely a hint about Monster Carnival Island for 2012. Unfortunately, as we know, 2012 has passed and there is still no MC Island.

      • puterpop says:

        I actually made up an island for a dark carnival and I told the creators about it. Maybe they’re using my idea. It was about a carnival appearing over night, replacing a fake – money factory. The villian, Dr. Hern, was going to use the fake money as real money by taking off the faded “Fake” off the front of the dollar bills. You had to make your way to his layer, going through many different frights,scares and creatures

      • Sticky Clown,Poptropical Explorer says:

        Very creative! 😀 Here’s mine:

        You start at an island where you see that poptropicans are having small monsters on a leash.When you go right you see that they are mistreating them more and more,like kicking them and even shooting them with a pistol.You know that you can’t stop it without defeating the mastermind behind this.So you ask someone where he got it from and he says,”From the carnival on the right.”

        So you go further right,past bakeries,shops,houses etc but when passing the mayor’s office you hear a sudden noise from the top.You go up and see a mysterious silhouette who is having the mayor captive with 2 other silhouettes.

        When he sees you,he will jump from the window with the mayor.The other two will take a laser gun out,then you will have to face them.To defeat them you must let loose the tiny monsters from the cage to attack them.Then after that they will get arrested.Then,you will have to proceed to the carnival,find the mayor,rescue the monsters,and find out who is the mysterious mastermind is.

        Can you guess who he is? 👿

        Answer this within a week! 😈

  4. Blue star says:

    Why would they ever replace islands for
    Other islands? And + I hate 24 carot so
    Why didn’t they just keep MONSTER

  5. Spotted New Year says:

    Sorry to be extremely off topic: I just want the PHB to know that you ROCK! I tried to restart super villain island, but the game went blue (not my whole computer screen though)! It looked like I was in the sky, because I couldn’t see my poptropican, but my mouse was a down arrow. 😮 I tried EVERYTHING! Logging, off then back in, different internet, different computer, and more! I was stuck. My account was ruined forever. 😥
    Then I remembered you. I went under cool stuff, Poptransport, spy island, main-street, and it worked! YOU SAVED ME!
    I want to thank you A MILLION TIMES for putting that on your blog!!! :mrgreen: I was also wondering if I could spread my joy by putting it on my blog. I don’t want to copy you, but I want my viewers to have Poptransport too!

    Slanted Fish: Thanks! 😀 Yes, you can share it – just give credit to ScripterKid, who made PopTransport.

  6. puterpop says:

    Fishy? why is the “reply” button disappearing from the comments after two to three replys? I’m not to good when it comes to blogs.

  7. puterpop says:

    Sticky Clown: a little violent, but I like the whole “mayor hostage” thing 🙂 and wild guess at the villian, a pirate? Also, with the story, I’d like to see animation on some of thiose scenes. Especially the villians great escape. The sillouwette of the villian would have to be well animated. Cool story :), reminds me of the disneyland pirate ride 🙂

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