Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island, Tribes

Always Golden

Plot twist: I’m alive! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Bet you weren’t expecting that one.

So, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has only been released for just over a day, and so many Poptropicans have already rushed through the gates, waving your Golden Ticket around yelling “I’M IN! I’M IN!”

Or at least most of you did. Some of you only yelled “I’M IN!” once.

Either way, whether you’re in or out, there are some who are undeniably quick and zip through islands. It requires speed, strength, knowledge, and a bag of candy.

Without further ado, let us congratulate those who stayed golden throughout the whole island and finished it the quickest! Put your hands together (even if they’re covered in chocolate) for…


1. Dizzy Leopard
of the Flying Squid

(What did I say about the candy? Everyone loves it!)

2. Zippy Leopard
of the Flying Squid

(I want those glasses. Now.)

3. Little Owl
of the Wildfire

(I also want those glasses. Poptropicans always look good in glasses. And candy.)

4. Angry Claw
of the Nanobots

(I want those headphones. Then we can all listen to music that suits the mood for each part of the island. Pile on the suspense!)

5. Smart Eagle
of the Pathfinders

(Pathfinders; a fellow tribesmate. Well done, Smart Eagle!)

6. Green Seal
of the Seraphim

(It’s impossible to not be one of the first with an epic name like that. Green and gold go good together.)

7. Trusty Grape
of the Black Flags

(Oh, that’s one of the coolest hairstyles I’ve ever seen! And the medallion looks simply amazing!)

8. Young Clown
of the Nanobots

(I really do love the medallion. The way Young Clown is wearing it allows us to see the red and white striped design of the medallion!)

9. Perfect Cactus
of the Pathfinders

(Perfect Cactuses wouldbe first. Congrats!)

10. Invisible Axe
of the Flying Squid

(That is just the most awesomely-bizarre collection of clothing.)

And that concludes our ten first finishers! I do hope many of you cross the finish line soon, to join the elite! Fellow Poptropicans, let us rejoicify by staying golden always and eating candy.

P.S. For the holidays, ask for that new D.S. game. It looks amazifyingly good.

12 thoughts on “Always Golden”

  1. Congrats! I finished the island too, just not as quick I guess. ๐Ÿ˜›

    BTW: The creators announced on Nov. 13 (my time) that there are new Poptropica toys called Pocketeers! They are 2 inch toys that come with a code that unlocks an exclusive prize for your Poptropican! There is a Hamburger, Dark Astro-Knight, a Lion, and Dr. Hare! These figures can be bought now at Toys-R-Us. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. QUESTION! If you have a boy account can you customize beards from people? Because I want my Poptropican to look like a character from a show I like.

  3. ๐Ÿ˜€ ESTE you’re back!!!! *hugs*

    *looks at post* That’s weird. The Creators haven’t posted the top ten finishers’ tribes before. What could that meanโ€ฆ *remembers a few past Daily Pops*

      1. Go — wait, what tribe am I in again… *Looks through Poptropica Files* Go Nanobots Yay!

  4. when i logged on to poptropica i was UNDER THE FLOOR in the area beside the first “drop” thusly i was able to sneak past the area seperating non-members from the rrest of the island allowing me to finish the island pretty weird right?

  5. Great, Angry Claw is of the Nanobots !! I won Poptropolis Games twice in 1st place thanks to the nanobots.

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