So a Lumberjerk wandered into the poptropica store and met a troll with a dryad follower and said “Hey, let’s speculate!”

I know it’s a random title but it sums up what’s happened recently on the PCB.

Post #1:


Twisted Thicket items now available in the Poptropica Store!


Poptropica Members may have another week to wait before you can play Twisted Thicket, but you can visit the Poptropica Store right now to pick up your exclusive Twisted Thicket gear! These new items include a Lumberjerk costume, a Troll look and power, and a Dryad follower.

All of these exciting Gold Cards are available for Poptropica Members, but you’ll have to act fast — the Lumberjerk costumes will only be available until the end of Early Access!

Not yet a Member? Find out how to get Membership today!

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I wonder what the troll power is? Members shall be able to find out and use it irresponsibly on other poptropicans 👿

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stay tuned…

We’ve got some exciting news to share with all of our Poptropican Friends! Only… it’s not quite ready to show off yet.

So here’s the deal: check back in with the Poptropica Creators’ blog tomorrow for the big announcement. Until then, feel free to speculate!

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 Well, that was entertaining… and for those who don’t know, this is what speculate means.


verb (used without object), -lat·ed, -lat·ing.
1. to engage in thought or reflection; meditate (often followed by on, upon,  or a clause).
2.to indulge in conjectural thought.
3.to engage in any business transaction involving considerable risk or the chance of large gains, especially to buy and sell commodities, stocks, etc., in the expectation of a quick or very large profit.
So, start speculating!

21 thoughts on “So a Lumberjerk wandered into the poptropica store and met a troll with a dryad follower and said “Hey, let’s speculate!””

  1. I met this one guy in a Multiplayer Room who had the Grim Reaper costume from Haunted House and he was holding the chainsaw, so then he started freaking people out. O_o

  2. Maybe it’s like…..Friends? Like you can add friends? I don’t know…I guess it could be the house thing…..?

  3. I actually sang your title aloud to the tune of the duck song XD Anyway, my ideas…

    1. Friends – That would actually be awesome as you can track where they are.
    2. Houses/ Rooms – Decorating your own Poptropica space! And making it your own would be awesome too!
    3. Costume Closets – Since the disappearance of the Costume Collector, maybe this is what they’re putting in!
    4. That quiz thing – Remember that sneak peek of the “Can you touch your tongue to your nose” thing? Maybe it’s that! After all it did say soon…
    5. Monster Carnival? – It’s highly unlikely though…

  4. UPDATE! It’s Poptropica Friends! It combines the Costume Closets, the Pop Quiz, and the Island Photos!

  5. Did you notice the example username they used in the video was “MonsterCarnival2012?” It’s either an uncanny reference,or more than a username…. It could possibly be a clue to Monster Carnival’s return….
    I’m just throwing this out there. XD

      1. I searched the Avatar Studio with that username and it showed a poptropican wearing a rooster costume with the name: Monster Carnival.

      2. Cool! Maybe it’s just a Poptropican, or maybe it’s a character, possibly? Maybe even a vendor/performer of one of the attractions? Just Califorina dreamin’. Or Poptropica dreamin’. 😉

      3. I remember when the creators showed some pictures of Monster Carnival, and in one of them, there was a chicken! (Or a monster….)

  6. When you activate the troll power, you can turn another Poptropican into stone for a brief amount of time.
    You can do it with non-playable characters and playable characters, too!
    But you can’t turn your own character into stone, though. It’s kinda like you’re Medusa without the hair, but you can get it from the Poptropica Store!
    And, you can also customize the troll’s outfit, too!!!!!

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