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Introducing the New Feature!!

Seems like most of our speculations in GB’s post below were correct!! The new feature that’s coming soon is Poptropica Friends!!

It’s a combination of friending people, the Pop quiz, the photos, and the Costume Closet in one! So if you guessed one, or even most, of these items, you were correct! ๐Ÿ˜€

Soon you’ll be able to make friends with the people you meet in Poptropica! You can follow their adventures in the game, and show off your own accomplishments. You’ll create a unique personality profile to share with the world. When you play through Islands, you’ll earn photos that mark your achievements in the game. Members will have access to a costume closet that lets you store as many as 30 individual costumes!

You’ll find all this and more with Poptropica friends. Keep an eye out here for more information, including when you can start using these new features!

Recap of the Video:

  • Friends ~ย  If you want to add friends, click on the person, and then the friend button! (It also shows the country they’re from) Or if you know your friend’s username, you can add that! Ex: Monstercarnival2012, this yields a character named Monster Carnival wearing a chicken suit! (pictured below, thanks Flamez) I wonder….

It also occurred to me, if we can add usernames, we can add the Creators as our friends! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Costume Closet ~ It’s a scroll on your Profile page that, based on the post, is available for members. It can store up to 30 costumes, and to costumize it, just click on it! You can also share your costumes with friends!
  • Photo Album ~ As you play the islands, once you get to an important milestone, you get a picture!
  • Pop Quiz~ When you log in, you can answer questions that match your personality. You’ll see more of your personality on your profile the more you answer!ย  You can also see what your friends answered in the same window under “Recent Activity”

Poptropica Friends:ย  coming soon!! One more thing: That video was posted onto Youtube on March 7. ๐Ÿ˜‰


25 thoughts on “Introducing the New Feature!!”

  1. I think that Monster Carnival 2012 mean that they will release Monster Carnival as a new island or more likely a Free+ item. I hope they do not do this as I do not have membership. In other words, this would suck. My vote is in for them 2 release it as a complete island.
    โœจDisapears in a puff of smoke!โœจ


  2. We NEEEEEEEEEEED MC for 2012! Just think of the possibilities! Carnival games could be incredible mini games, new costumes, fighting monsters, it would be the best island of all time. *signs a letter to Jeff Kinney* That should do it. :3

  3. Did anybody notice some changes on Spy Island? Like the ropes bounding the agents on spy island got thinner. Doctor Spy Glass has glasses. That detective talking to a bald manager has fake nose on. Also, many rare items on Poptropicans disappeared. If anybody knows what the ieges accounts are, there will be a BIG difference.

  4. Going for the jekyll & hyde manuver.*adds Binary Bard as a friend*Binary Bard:Nice thinking. I do a crime, then you come & take my place. *evil laugh*

    1. Forgot to add:*Binary Bard pulls out 2 friendswap teleporters. Curious Bird(me)takes one, acting like he’s in a trance.*Curious Bird: Wait, What? Binary Bard:You heard me.*Curious Bird thinks for a second & takes Binary Bard’s teleporter.*Binary Bard: What are you doing, fool? Curious Bird: J-U-S…*Curious bird then adds Sir Cador as a friend, redeems a code, & puts on the Sir Cador costume. Sir Cador arrives, customizes himself as Binary Bard before he sees him, & recalls himself Sir Binary for the moment.* Curious Bird:(Sarcastic, but not sounding like it)Oh No! Another one! Sir Binary:…T-I-C-E!*Sir Binary then pulls out a mirror & Binary Bard gets sucked into the Mirror world.*Binary Bard:This is not the last of meeeeee…Sir Binary: Here’s something for your trouble.*Sir Binary switches back by using Curious Bird’s card & hands Curious Bird a silver medalion with Binary Bard on it & 50 credits. Meanwhile, Binary Bard gets super annoyed by Master Mime.*Binary Bard: Stupid friend system.

  5. Master Mime becomes Musical Mime for this image only!*points to Classical music choice in Pop Quiz*

  6. The Twisted Thicked map icon has appeared!!!
    And, it also tells you how long until it’s released underneath it!!

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