Hellos & Goodbyes

Farewell, farewell.

Well…yes, I guess my time has come.

As my birthday approaches, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking– the cyperworld is a brilliant world, but a world where I often fail at. Growing older gives me some sort of melancholy feeling and with that comes my decision.

As much as I love blogging, I think we all know news-blogging isn’t for me.

I’ve loved being here so much! It’s been an amazing experience. I want to thank CW/Batcat for recommending me and Hijuyo for adding me. 🙂 As well as all the PHB readers for commenting and being able to stand my random posts.

It’s not the end for me! You can still catch me on my personal blog. 😀

Besides, I am the Doctor’s Companion, right? 😉 I should be time travelling!

Farewell all. Hope you had a lovely holiday, and Happy New Year (hey! JANUARY 1st! SHERLOCK SERIES 2!!! *flails*)

Don’t forget to be awesome,

~Rainfall, the Doctor’s Companion

26 thoughts on “Farewell, farewell.”

  1. Rainfall,
    You’re an amazing blogger. I just think I should let you know. I loved your posts. They were absolutely amazing. Thank you for everything. Remember, you’re awesome! Say hi to re Doctor for me please, and give Donna a winning lottery ticket. 😉
    Thank you.
    -Super Thunder

  2. Hey Rainfall. We’ll all miss you here, but it’s been fun having you around. Thanks for being a part of the PHB; you’re a great blogger. Happy new year. 🙂


  3. I still think I am a bigger Harry potter fan then u
    (I am referencing to the time whenu first joined and I said I had read the books 8 times and everybody jumped on me.

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