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Hunting for the Last Post of 2011!

It’s almost the end of the year, and the Creators have released one last Scavenger Hunt for us to do! 😀 This one will last until 1/11/12! Get it while you can! Here are your clues…

Rise to the Challenge!

How difficult is the island on Page 80?

How difficult is the island on Page 94?

How difficult is the island on Page 162?

_ A _ _ M _ _ _ _ _ _ A _ _     hardmediumhard

This one might look a little tough. The 3 choices for the words are EASY, MEDIUM, and HARD. The 2nd clue is common sense; it’s MEDIUM. Since they only revealed the A in the second blank, you have a choice between EASY and HARD. Try thinking this one out. 😉

The prize for this SH is a Spiffy Hat! Pic below (Thanks Pockii!)

Looks like you can change the style of the hat to what you want! 🙂


I hope you guys have a safe and prosperous New Year! 😀

Hope 2012 starts well!


29 thoughts on “Hunting for the Last Post of 2011!”

      1. @ML: There’s actually 4 combinations, but Ok. XD

        @Lazy Moon: Put everything you have to say in one comment. And could it kill you to not type comments in caps? I edited it so that there is only one comment from you.

      1. I noticed that. I had to go all the way back to Cryptids Island because it took my 3D glasses away when I put it on.

  1. The code isnt working.

    Shaggy: Are you sure you put in the correct code? There are 4 possible combinations from the blanks they revealed, but only one works.

  2. Could you say what islands they’re talking about? Pretty please? :3

    Shaggy: Well, I don’t have the guidebook, so I can’t tell you, but the code is actually pretty easy to guess. 😛

  3. I don’t understand, what’s the code for? And what do you do if you figure it out?

    Shaggy: The code is for a prize for your avatar in Poptropica. When oyu figure out the code, put it in the promo code box when you log in.

  4. @ Sporty Clown:
    U are rite!
    I actually got it rite on my 1st go!
    I was going to do it as: EASYMEDIUMHARD, but I identically wrote hard 1st!
    And then I was going to do it: HARDMEDIUMEASY, but AGAIN! I identically wrote hard!
    So, it was: HARDMEDIUMHARD!
    P.S. what is the 1st hard island, the medium island, and the 2nd hard island?

  5. i know what the code is to the puzzle at the top of the screen and i can tell you how to find out if anyone wants to know

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