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Happy Holidays!!!

Hey guys!

It’s GB! Have’t posted for a while, but I’m back. 😀

The creators have put up a holiday post on the PCB, check it out. (sorry if someone else has posted this I haven’t checked the PHB in a while(

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays from Poptropica!

Well, it’s the holiday season once again, and once again the Creators are about to settle in for a long winter’s nap. But before we go, we thought we’d bring back some seasonal wallpapers that we first introduced in this blog three years ago.

Click either of these images to load the full size, and then right-click and set as your desktop background.

Thanks to every Poptropican for making 2011 a great year. We’ve got even more in store for you in 2012.

Happy holidays, and a happy new year!

avatar image

I think the pics are cool, which one is your favourite?
I will be unable to post for most of january, as I am holidaying across Australia. 15 hours in the car… yaaaaaay… ;D
I hope everyone had a merry christmas, happy hanakua, felis navidad, or happy holidays or whatever you support.
*jumps onto convenient hippopotomus and rides away*

17 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!!!”

  1. @lazy moon`s christmas adventure
    lazy moon and his best friend squeezy hammer went in lazy`s rocket squeezy said”since its christmas lets go to the ice planet “that`s the best idea i`ve ever heard” so they went but to their suprise so was…binary bard aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh they both yelled hugging wishing for a miracle lazy moon remembered he knew kung fu “guess watching kung fu panda really helped” so he kicked binary bard paralized for a moment lazy moon`s friend sqeezy hammer since he was an engineer ran to binary bard`s robot and paralized binary bard for 2 years so they ‘happily’ celebrated christmas until they discovered binary bard`s robot had an automatic evil mode so it flung them to skullduggery island on captain crawfish`s pheonix warbird yyyyyyyaaaaaarrrrrr stowaways eh well swab the deck and make it snappy ”never” that isn`t in th pirate articles so walk the plank wait it`s snowing *both run away* psst lets use our flying power *both fly away* oh come on dr.harvey hare *dr.hare gets squeezy into rabbbot hypnosis* “nnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooo wait a minute” *douses squeezy with cold water* “buddy are you okay” “yeah just wet” oh thank goodness you`r safe now and lets trap dr.hare in space yyyyyeeeeeesssss now wait for part 2

      1. part 3 this is the real end
        lazy and squeezy eat xmas dinner lazy sucks on a…green highliter thinking it was celery lazy moon dipped it in pickle juice yuck he yells as he starts to choke if i don`t make it your gonna have to find a new me squeezy drives him to the hospital the dr says he`s ok he just faked it then lazy`s arch nemesis binary bard armed with a laser gun shoots lazy “seems like i ended it all hahahahaha” but lazy had a force shield good trick now it`s time to toke care of bb *steals laser guns* please don`t shoot i surrender!!! lazy buddie i know i`m your friend but i don`t think it`s over THE END (for real)

  2. lazy moon:welcome to our show interviewing creators and nomming them i`m your host lazy moon let`s welcome our 1st dinner oh i mean guest binary bard
    binary bard:*peeks out from $1000000,000000000 curtain*um hi
    lazy moon:what the cheese bard
    binary bard:well this is the most dangerous place on earth for us creators + you don`t have the skill to defeat me i had a high score on every game in the daily pop
    lazy moon:well actully you only cheated that or 15 is a really big number and were not here to eat you but if you do that crowd looks like the want a bard salad*crowd all hold up forks and knifes*or would you like to go back to your fortress on a planet 1000000000000,00000000000000000 lightyears away
    binary bard:pleese no
    lazy moon:k just stop hugging me i just got my peg leg painted
    binary bard:okay
    lazy moon:you made a typo
    binary bard:where is it mr.icanwalkaroundwearingastupidsharkhatandalwayswieldascythewithanerdypeglegandadumblabcoat
    lazy moon:your the most smart poptropican in ak island try to figure it out
    binary bard:uuh i spelled daily wrong
    lazy moon:no you spelled please wrong
    binary bard:heck 1 little typo so cheese
    lazy moon:okay are you insisting we eat you with cheese
    binary bard:no
    lazy moon:punish the bard
    binary bard:watcha gonna do send me to a black hole i`m immune to that indignity
    lazy moon:ok back to plan a boys
    binary bard:oh what is it
    lazy moon:nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom mm mm now our next dinner *gasps*savoury spicy tasty fishy shark boy i think i`m in love
    shark boy:but wait
    lazy moon:nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom c`mon oooh i looooooooooooooooooove crawfish boys cook him into a soup and we`ll all get a quarter of it
    captain crawfish:wait i wanna live
    lazy moon:nomnomnomnomnomnomnom k we`ll see you in well whatever k

  3. lazy moon:i`m back with the 2nd episode but sadly this time we`re only doing captain crawfish yo crawfish were are you
    captain crawfish:h-h-here
    lazy moon:so
    captain crawfish:so what mr.moon
    lazy moon:so when do you want to get nommed
    captain crawfish:never and i got a new pheonix warbird i`ll shoot you if you dare thinking about it
    dr.harvey hare:bwahahahaha i will turn u all into wait a studio *gasps* are those cameras *breaks camera*
    lazy moon:you are evil sigh i`ll go to the store to buy a new one *goes to store
    captain crawfish:wanna ditch him
    dr.hare:eh no i wanna know him better
    lazy moon:i`m back and dr.hare you want a suprise you`ll have it too crawfish
    hare and crawfish:of course
    lazy moon:k nonononomomomomoomomomomomomomomoomomomomoomommoomonomnonmonnomnonnomn mmmm byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye seeya tomorrow

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