The app has arrived!

Attention, all ye poptropicans. The long awaited app from the Poptropica creators has finally arrived! The creators have been hinting at it for MONTHS. They’ve given us time to time snapshots, photos, and updates. Finally after all this time, the app is available for purchase in the iTunes Store!

The app is titled Poptropica: Tips and Tricks. It’s the only app by the creators. The app is available for purchase for all Apple product users here: Use an android? Fear not. There’s another app for Android users on the Android Market. Android users can find the app here:

This app is amazing! If we zoom in closer to the image, you can tell there’s a variety of features to be used. There’s news of updates to the app on “What’s new”. You can access a list of island guides by tapping on the button. Then from there on out, each island has a different page (such as the Game Show Island example they had earlier) where you can view the complete walkthrough, items to obtain, goals to achieve, and even boss fights on certain islands.

The app is currently free (thanks to those who found this typo, owe you one, guys). It comes with Game Show Island, but to purchase other islands you will need to pay 99 cents for each.  Get yours today!


19 thoughts on “The app has arrived!”

  1. Elmo, get your facts right. The app is free with Game Show but 99 cents for every other island. Also there was only one hint at it and then they annouced it with a picture. So I don’t know what you’re talking about

  2. The funny thing is though, is we can get a guide on how to do islands HERE on the PHB for free. You guys are great! 😉

    1. There are records for most starred posts, records for most popular author…I’d like to say I’ve just achieved the most unlickiest author ever… XD.

  3. Woah. Everyone’s being kind of harsh (although there has only been two comments). I thing it’s cool that they made an app. I’d pay the $0.99 for it. But it is kind of pointless when you can look on here for free. They should make an actual Poptropica app where you can play Poptropica anywhere, and then you can update your progress online over wifi.

  4. Correction: FREE when you download. NINETY-NINE CENTS when buying the other walkthroughs.And all the islands aren’t out for walkthroughs.Game Show, Mythology, Spy, Mystery Train, and shrink Ray are available.

  5. There’s a Smurfs ad on Nabooti. Its might be on other Islands, but I don’t know. Also, Ghost Story Island is coming out for members next Thursday!:D (12/15/11)

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