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On this special day

There was once a gloomy place called the internet.

People roamed this area, poking people, writing on walls, and stalking others without their knowledge. They stared at moving square pictures, and resided in odd things called “Yootoobs” and “Face Books”.

But then, on September1st, 2007, came a miracle for those who were tired of these grounds of virtual mafias and farms.



You may have noticed this banner around the bottom of the home page. Did the creators put it there for kicks and giggles?


September 1st symbolizes the 4th birthday of Poptropica, silly!

The creator’s have something to say as well.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy birthday to us!

It’s hard to believe, but Poptropica’s birthday is nearly upon us! This September will mark four years since we launched our site with only a single Island and a dream. Now we’re up to 21 Islands, loads of mini-games, hundreds of costumes and Gold Cards, and millions upon millions of our very dearest friends — all of you!

That’s why we’d like you to help us celebrate our birthday in style. All throughout September, Poptropicans will have a chance to win a special birthday prize by visiting any common room. We’ll also be re-releasing some classic costumes to the Poptropica Store for a limited time only. And everyone who visits the Store can get a free birthday balloon.

Read all the details on our fourth birthday page. And thanks to everyone who has made Poptropica such a wonderful place to play for the past four years. We’ve got a lot more in store for you in the years to come!

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Read more at the special page just for Poptropica’s Fourth Birthday!

It includes information such as the fact that the Special Edition golden Renegade Robot and Steamworks Mech Pilots are coming back to the store, FREE, though for members only.


Remember the 3rd birthday balloons? Well, they’re back, only updated to 4th years! You can get a free one in the store, and also search for the extra special one in multiplayer rooms to receive a cake costume.

Aside from this great mark in Poptropica history, you can also find two new (well, not very new) games, once again for free, in the Store. The sumo wrestling one, as well as the Shrink Shot game.

Thanks to Machine Lord for the tips!

Have fun celebrating Poptropica’s birthday, and playing these amazing games, and until next time,



3 thoughts on “On this special day”

  1. This should be stickied so people could see it.

    Hijuyo: It’s an awesome post, but it’s kind of late to sticky it. I only recently found it in the PHB post drafts, so I published it for RCG.

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