Unfortunate hiatus. :(

Some of you may have realized that I haven’t been posting lately. Not because I refuse to, or I’m busy, but it’s my computer.

Lately it’s been having technical problems like blackouts. So even when I connect to the internet, I can’t be on for long.

I apologize that this isn’t Poptropica related, but I just want to let you all know.

Trying to wrap this up quick in case anything happens.

I miss you guys! 😦

– MT

P.S. Trying to work on a Season 8 finale for PWH, despite technical issues.

8 thoughts on “Unfortunate hiatus. :(”

  1. Do you know why? How old is your computer? Or are you storing too much stuff on it? I’m no expert, but things like this have happened with our family’s computer.

  2. That really is too bad…and I don’t say that sarcasticaly πŸ˜‰
    Anyway, maybe you could try getting new software. I have a miserably old laptop but because I always update it, its the best in the house.
    Or you could get it checked out for viruses. That’s a common problem.
    Or maybe there’s something just not right in there. You could go to one of thoses places where they fix computers and what not and get it checked out.
    And if everything else fails then maybe its just time to get a new one.
    Good Luck!

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