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Wimpy Wonderland now open to members! Not to mention, a candy scavenger hunt!

Hola! Hope you all are enjoying Wild West Island. As for your lucky members, Wimpy Wonderland is now open to you guys. ๐Ÿ˜

As for the candy scavenger hunt, you may have noticed several advertisements along the streets for “Hop”. If you’re looking for a walkthrough for the three quests inside the Hop Candy Factory, you’re in luck! Courtesy of secretscp.

I know, I know. But what of the scavenger hunt, you ask?

Click read more for the full advertisement scavenger hunt walkthrough.

The first thing you may notice is Poptropicans in bunny suits. But wait, it gets better! Candy on trees!

Once you click next, it will lead you to a page showing you where all the other pieces of candy can be found.

You can always access it through your items bag.

Just in case you can’t find them, these are where they are:

Hop Ad, top of Hop Factory…er…
Hop ad, on top of the bulding to the right
Early Poptropica, top of Soda Pop Shop
Spy Island, on top of tower above Spyglass Eyewear
Shark Tooth Island, on top of Tourist place
24 Carrot, on sign next to gas station
oh I see...T^T

Enjoy your prizes!


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