Wimpy Wonderland Island

For the wimps, a new adventure awaits

Wimpy Wonderland is now here for members!

Members also get the exclusive “Paper Boy/Girl” costumes starting now!

9 thoughts on “For the wimps, a new adventure awaits”

  1. oh and the binary on the bottom of the poptropica post means: he’s in the laundromat. Basically all you need to do is teleport into the laundromat and beat the whole game.


    that is a crude way to teleport. But you must click and press the ESC key till it finishes loading.
    It has a bit of glitches. try it. 🙂

    I hope the creators don’t fix it 😦

  2. Here is the walkthrough for Wimpy Wonderland

    Step 1. Talk to Greg, he’ll tell you about Manny and how he lost him. Keep talking to him until he asks you to search for clues in his house.

    Step 2. Walk to the left screen until you get to Greg’s house. (It’s the first house you’ll see. Walk inside and move around the house. You’ll find an adress book and a piece of Greg’s diary. You also might possibly find a locker number (sorry, I can’t remember where you actually get this, so if you don’t find it there, you might have to search around for it, if you don’t find it anywhere, then I’ll tell you the number: 9, 37, 15)

    Step 3. Walk into Manny’s room upstairs, go out the window, jump across the rooftops, and you should see Rowley outside his house, talk to him and he’ll tell you that someone took of with his bike thingo. Follow the tracks to the left screen.

    Step. 4. Walk into the house that you will now see…Greg’s Grammas house. Talk to Gramma and she’ll tell you that she’ll help you find Manny if you shovel the snow off her driveway.

    Step. 5. Exit the house and to the right screen, you may see Manny, follow him to the left screen and he’ll fall off the Rowley’s bike. He’ll then jump up onto a tree, Chase him up the tree until he jumps off landing on a Snowman. Jump off the tree and pick up the bike, and snowman nose. If you don’t see the snowman nose then talk to the lady or the boy to get it.

    Step. 6. Run to the right screen where the school is, you’ll see Manny, He’ll jump up onto the school building, up to the very top.

    Step 7. Keep running right through 2 screens until you find the Whirley street kids. Avoid their snowballs then pick up the Shovel. Run all the way back to Grammas house and use the shovel. Complete the mini game then talk to Greg’s Gramma inside. She’ll say that she’ll help you find Manny after you play bingo at lesurierly towers. Run all the way back to the school.

    Step 8. If you try to reach the ledge that Manny jumped to, you won’t be able to jump that high, so instead, walk over to the rubbish bin, (Not the big one with the word “trash” on it, the small one that you can push!) push the bin onto the left end of the sea – saw. The walk past the sea- saw, not touching it. Or jump over it. Jump up on the tree as high as you can, then, jump onto the see – saw from that branch. If you land in the right spot, the bin should get plunged up to the first ledge of the school. If not, then start this step again.

    Step. 9. Once the bin is on the first ledge of the school, jump up to that ledge and push the bin under a window. Jump on the bin, and you will now be able to reach the window. If you’re on the window to the right, run left until you get to the window on the left, then enter the school through it.

    Step. 10. Chase Manny through the hallway of the school, he’ll run out the main door, but before you run out that door, look through all the lockers on the bottom floor, seeing if you can click on one. When you get the hand icon on one, click on it and then enter the numbers: 9, 37, 15. The locker door will open and you’ll find a Twisted Wizard game guide.

    Step. 11. Exit the school the way Manny went and go to the right screen where you’ll find the lesurly towers. Jump up to as high as you can go on the building, and then to the left corner of the building on this screen move the cursor around until you see: “Go up” Click to go to the next screen.

    Step. 12. When you get to this screen what you have to do is jump up from window to window, avoiding the angry people. When you get to the last set of windows the start throwing stuff at you, so be careful! When you reach the very top, make sure you’re on the window to the very right, and you’ll notice that nowone opens that window. Enter that window and you’ll find Greg’s Grandad.

    Step. 13. Click on Greg’s Grandad, and he’ll wake up. Talk to him and ask him if he’s seen Manny. He’ll say that he’s seen him and that you should discuss it over lunch. Complete the minigame until you finish, then he’ll switch on the tv and you’ll see Manny out the front of Lesuirely towers.

    Step. 14. Go out of the apartment to ground floor, then exit the building. Go back to Greg’s house and give him the Twisted Wizard Game guide. He’ll then give you the game and ask you to return it to Rowley.

    Step. 15. Run up to Rowley’s house and knock on the door. Rowley’s dad won’t let you in, if you talk to Rowley, he’ll tell you not to jump on his dad’s car.

    Step. 16. Jump on Rowley’s dad’s car. The car alarm will go off. Hide behind the bush to the left of the front door of the house, and wait for Rowley’s dad to come out. The moment he comes out and has walked past the front door is your chance to get in, so quickly run inside!

    Step. 17. Return the rumble bike and video game to Rowley, and he’ll give you a Joshie membership card. Run back inside Greg’s house and use the membership card to un-jam the laundry door. Click on the power switch in the laundry room and turn off Rodrick’s room’s power. Rodrick will walk out of his room angrily.

    Step. 18. Run down to his room and pick up the dog bowl. Then run outside Greg’s house and into the garage. (Rodrick’s truck will have moved so you’ll be able to get there now!) Once inside the garage, pick up the leaf blower.

    Step. 19. Exit the garage. (The exit is at the bottom of the screen.) Walk left until you see the snowman with the moving eyes, use the carrot here and you’ll put it on the snowman. The “snowman” will ask you to get it off. Now use the leafblower and all the snow will float away revealing Fregley. He’ll thank you and give you his troll doll as a thankyou.

    Step. 20. Run to lesurily towers and inside the bingo parlour. Here you’ll find Greg’s Gramma. Talk to her and then use your troll doll. Win the bingo mini-game and you’ll get a CD.

    Step. 21. Run inside the mini store on the main street. Talk to the shop owner and he’ll say that the teenagers outside are driving all his customers away. If you click on the blue liquid, he’ll tell you he’ll give it to you for free if you can make the teenagers go away. Use your CD that you won in Bingo, and then click on the music box above the counter near the entrance. Turn the volume up to Max and the teenagers will go away. As a thankyou, he’ll give you the blue liquid.

    Step. 22. Run back to the school and outside, to the right of the see-saw you’ll see a man, who says that he can’t drive because his window’s frozen. Use the blue liquid you got from the store, and he’ll ask you to measure exactly 4 litres. The mini game will then start. (The mini game will only start if you have the dog bowl, if you don’t have the dog bowl, then you’ll need to get it to measure the liquid with…remember it’s in Rodrick’s room.)

    Step. 23. Complete the mini-game and the man will thank you then walk away and take a break. Walk inside Greg’s house and he’ll be playing video games again. Open the curtains and he’ll stop, telling you that Manny is probably looking for his blanket, and if you can find his blanket, you can find him.

    Step. 24. Exit Greg’s house and you’ll see Manny driving the man’s truck who you saw a moment ago. Go to the far left screen, and you’ll notice that the truck moved the snow out of the way of the doorway in the laundry building. Walk into the laundry building and you’ll find Manny with his blanket.

    Step. 25. Click on him, then go outside and you’ll find the Whirley street kids again, throwing snowballs at you. Greg will ask you to help him push a snowball to squash them. Start pushing the snowball, and you’ll then do it automaticly. Then sled home! (That’ s my favorite part of the island!) Greg’s mum will arrive home at that exact moment and thank Greg for looking after Manny. Greg will then congragulate you and you he’ll give you the medalion and some poptropica credits as a reward! Congrats! You’re done!

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