No doubt they’re trying to avoid being nommed up over the holidays…

Looks like the Creators won’t be posting or updating for a while! They’ve just posted something new on the Poptropica Creator’s Blog.

The Creators settled in for a long winter’s nap

Seasons greetings, Poptropicans! Now that the holidays are here, most of the Poptropica creators will be taking a little time off to rest and recharge. When the new year arrives, we’ll be even more excited to make lots of new Islands and adventures for you to enjoy in 2011.

No matter where you are in the world, or what holidays you celebrate, we wish you a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year. We’ll meet back here in January!

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And so, the unfair life of a non-member continues on...

Anyway, here’s a Christmas Poptropican picture to brighten up your spirits that were no doubt let down by those evil, terrible creators, made by Hicoga!

Be sure to get your Poptropican a Wii for Christmas!

Though I’m quite unsure if a person with no fingers is capable of playing Wii…


67 thoughts on “No doubt they’re trying to avoid being nommed up over the holidays…”

  1. GRRRR YOU CREATORS I WOULD THROW YOU OF A CLIF IF I ONLY NEW WERE YOU LIVED!!!! DESTROY MEMBERSHIP DESTROY IT NOW!!!! Any way cool wii thing witch makes me said cause I want a wii.

      1. Yup it is if I only lived in USA cause I live in India and my cousin in Detroit but I can’t just tell my aunt to buy a membership for me so yeah……….I am really sad and mad. Lucky u guys.I mean if they accepted Indian Rs then my dad would buy me the membership.

      2. Yes, membership is cheap. But some parents don’t like paying for an ONLINE GAME even if it cost half a penny! I agree, it’s not fair… but it wouldn’t be fair to the members who already gave their money to Poptropica if membership was cancelled. Besides, the situation on Poptropica isn’t nearly as bad as it is on Club Penguin. (Sorry, off-topic.) Sorry for the really long comment, just needed to get that out of my system…

    1. Sure, they can destroy membership, but you’ll have to pay the price: No Poptropica. Membership is the base of a game. Games aren’t free to make. So, membership helps keep a game open, if you want membership to go away, then you get no game.

    1. I already have one, and it is E-P-I-C. I recommend Super Mario Galaxy 1 for your first game. Then get Wii sports resort, and then get black ops.

  2. Have a nice vacation. Creators! You know, the Creators have families. They can’t work on Poptropica every second! They need some vacation time with their kids!

    Cool comic, DA and great first update Ravengurl!

    Nomnomnomnomnom. *burp* Lol, yummy.

  3. Great first post, RavenClawgurl! Yeah, the creators have been kinda boring lately. If they don’t start making Poptropica better, I am going to be MAD. They have got to get rid of stupid membership, too. The non-members have to wait like a month for new islands and stuff. Making membership was a REALLY stupid idea.

    1. Why doesn’t anyone get that games aren’t free to make? They have to pay for it, so they have membership. At first I was always mad at games for making membership, but now I realize that it’s for a good reason. You want Poptropica to stay open? Then let them continue membership.

      1. No I get it. But they sell enough t shits and have emough ads. I mean seriously. Anyways, what goood is 4 dollars to them. But compared to club-penguin, poptropica is much better.

      1. No effence but to me the Wii is kinda dumb most of it is standing up,and when I play video games I need to sit down. I have one but I rarely play it because I’m tired of always having to stand up. No effence please don’t take it personally.

      2. I agree with Blueshield1 cause’ I was sick and tired of using a flippin’ controller to play a game with. If you read my comment right near the top I sold my Wii.

        Im not forcing anyone to sell their Wii, im just sharing my opinion. ๐Ÿ˜‰


      1. Really are you serious! Ps3 move just looks like a microphone with the top painted some color. Xbox Kinect is actually a better choice. It has voice command also.

  4. I WANT CRYPTIDS NOW too so bad! I love the Wii picture on the super TV in Bucky’s apartment it’s cool :D. And good job on your first post RavenclawGurl!

  5. Curse those comfound creators. I’m not staring at their adverizements for nothing! WORK!!! CREATORS. WORK!!

  6. I’m sorry if I’m harsh, but I can’t stand how immature most of you are acting. Membership is not something bad, but good. If the Membership is gone, then Poptropica will not exist because they can’t pay the funds. And by the way, why are you all so mad at the creators for taking a time off? You think they want to work for the holidays? THEY HAVE LIVES! They probably have a family too. Jeez, people, THINK!

    1. I think the majority of people are joking about forcing the creators to work, I mean everyone needs a little humor. ๐Ÿ™‚ But really, it’s all in one’s opinion about the whole membership controversy- Most people find it unfair that we have to wait for the islands. And a lot of people are reasoning that the reason for the delay of Cryptids until January is because the creators taking some time off, so they won’t be able to release it for us. Most members like the membership– I don’t blame them, it must be nice.

      1. People, the creators made membership since they need more money rather then having ads on the website…
        People, it costs a lot to make these islands so they need money to keep poptropica running. If you guys are going to complain about membership, fine, you let poptropica break.

    2. I wholly agree with Zey. Imangine saying that kinda thing to the creators face to face.

      Creators: Because we want to make a lot of people buy it.
      Creators: But we need the money to keep poptropica running! It’s not cheap as chips, y’know.
      You: Oh, WELL HOW DARE YOU TAKE A BREAK?!?!?!?!
      Creators: Because it’s Christmas/Hanakuh/Quanzah(seeing as I have no idea what religion the creators are). We are not slaves, you know. And we’re coming back soon!

      1. Well, as much as I want peace, I gotta stand up for my belief, so here goes:
        I think it is not so bad not being a member ’cause if you are it is just like, you just get some store items that will go away as soon as your allowance or whatever does, your meaning of defeating an island goes down to a shiny gold medal and getting to do before everyone else, which is pretty whoop-de-doo for me. Also, most of the Creators are probably dads and moms so you can’t blame them for wanting a vacation to be with their kids for Christmas/Hanakah. As I said earlier, let’s just have peace in the PHB. (:

        P.S. As far as money-greedy bullys, no money, ZAP. No Poptropica.

  7. it says MOST of the creators. Which means some of the creators will work and others will take the holidays off.

  8. That would be cool, but how could we hold it with no thumbs? Perhaps Poptropicans have telekinesis. Ooh. I’m a Sesqipedalian.

  9. Oh man, a Wii is kewl! ugh… If only i would nom them all(creators)…but WAIT.Who is gunna make islands or stuffs? Oh well ill just nom CC.Besides,i havent nom him yet O.o..oh well..NOW CC PREPARE TO BE NOMMED. (runs to CC and noms him) Burp.Excuse me.Well that was delicious!! ROFLOLMAO IS A GUD ONE ๐Ÿ˜› Anyhow,happy holidays and a happy new year! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. not to be pro-membership,but the creators have worked hard all year making many cool islands after RTV island… and they need rest,they’re not robots…

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